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The Leggings Adventure - I want to know yours!

By now everyone has bought at least 2 pair of leggings.  I personally don't remember what I did before leggings...LOL.  They are comfortable, cute, and cover up and leg problems any of us might or might not have.  With ample thighs it seems inevitable that I will rub a hole in the inner thigh part, so I have been on the lookout for thicker leggings.  I have bought a total of 5 pair of leggings ranging from as low as $10 and up to $40. 

Newport News - Capri Leggings - $14 - I bought these at the beginning of Summer.  They are starting to get tiny holes in them but overall they lasted for a pretty decent lenght of time.  They were on the thin side and they seem to run a size too big, so ladies order 1 size down

Target - Ankle Length Leggings - $10 - I bought these at the beginning of Fall.  I have already tossed them in the trash.   They were cute, but thin, and the elastic waist band got all bunched up in the waist.  My reason for tossing them was there was a giant in the inner thigh that my thighs are responsible for.

Lane Bryant - Capri Leggins - 24.50 - I bought these 2 summers ago.  These were made out of a thick nylon.  They ran and were rendered useless.  Don't buy these.

Lane Bryant - Stirrup Leggings - $39.50 - These were made out of a nylon material that was thicker and Lane Bryant sought to solve the inner thigh issue by putting an extra panel of fabric between thigh area.  The problem is that the nylon material runs.  I have gotten a small run in the crotch of the my leggings.  I am pissed about that because the leggings were so expensive.  Also the fit on the leggings was off (which I thought was weird because isn't legging supposed to conform to your body?!?). In the long tradition of Lane Bryant the crotch was too long and I had to continually pull the legging up because they would fall too low.  I know I got my size right because the size down was too small.  I guess Lane Bryant attempted to tailor their leggings...LOL.  These are definitely not worth the money. 

Why did I buy two pair of nylon leggings from Lane Bryant - "I have no idea!" What the heck is wrong with me?  I guess I saw the stirrup leggings and how thick they were and this time would be different...Guess not! (I guess I am kinda talking to myself...LOL)

Ashley Stewart - Ankle Length Leggings - $19 - I had an "ah ha" moment when I found these.  I'm not much of a fan of Ashley Stewart, but I needed some workout legging and they were close so I walked in.  These leggings are thick the material is tight.  So they will last long, but will also serve a somewhat of a body shaper.  Of all the leggings I have had they make my legs look the best and most contoured.  Definitley worth the money!

I know everyone would like to know where they can get a great pair of leggings so readers please share with everyone else where you got your best pair of leggings.  Comment about your best pair of leggings!


  1. I got my leggings from I love the shinny ones I got for $19, the leather crinkle ones are too small and the plain black ones are something I wear to work a lot.

  2. I bought leggings at Old Navy for $15 and they were nice and thick and comfortable. Even after washing they maintained their elasticity and to my surprise they did not peel.

  3. I actually really love my Target leggings! Yes, they're on the thin side but that's actually a plus for me. The waist is high enough for me to not get a muffin top underneath closer fitting tops and dresses. I've noticed the problem at the thigh area, but I've just reinforced the seams on some of my pairs. I've definetly gotten my ten dollars worth outta them!

  4. I love my leggings! I have four pair 2 of which I bought from Ashley Stewart that I wear on a regular basis. I bought a pair of lace leggings from Dorothy Perkins and they are ok but the elastic in the waist doesn't hold on to your waist so they are more like tights instead of leggings. The only pair that I have that I hate are my liquid leggings. I bought them last year and unlike the regular leggings you have to buy your pant size. Also, really aren't that flattering because they show the dimples, dents, and humps. Other than that I love leggings! :-)

  5. Oooh I love the insight from everyone...great info from everyone!!!

  6. I only have one pair and they are brilliant - my domino print pair by Beth Ditto for Evans.

    Australia doesn't have many youth-oriented plus size stores, so I haven't been able to buy more leggings. BUT I am heading to London in March and will definitely stock up from Dorothy Perkins and Evans.

    Frances x

  7. I actually like my Target leggings too---I have them in many colors and patterns---but yes, they are thin!

    I also have leggings from JCPenney's (from the Bisou Bisou brand) that I love...I have them in brown, forest green and maroon. They're relatively thick and stretchy, and they're cinched at the bottom which looks really cute.

  8. First, I need to thank my high school friend Mr Proby for linking me to your blog! && Secondly, I don't do the leggings thing cause I hate thin ones. I live in Chicago, I need warm leggings! I see so many girls with skimpy thin leggings and I don't see how they can do it. I have a pair of black liquid leggings that I'm not brave enough to wear in public, but I bought them to wear for a photoshoot. *sigh* I'm going to be brave and go to Ashley Stewart! I'll try those out for size first.

  9. @NikStar - well tell Probe I said thanks so recommending my blog. Yeah thin leggings are terrible in a really cold climate. But go ahead and go into Ashley Stewart the leggings are the best I have gotten so far!

  10. You know who has really nice tights for a good price...Wal-Mart. I was in there to pick up some beauty products and I noticed they had leggings (full length and capri) for $5 and they go up to a size XXL. I bought 3 pair (black, blue and purple) and they are a great quality. I haven't had them long, but so far so good :0)

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  12. i've been the Goldie Locks of leggings for years.
    too tight, too cheap, too weak, fades fast...
    but have found ones that are just right!
    Banana Republic.
    the bad is so cumffy, they're not too thick or thin,
    and after 2+ years they're still black!!
    30 bux, and considering i've worn them over 150 times... they paid for themselves.


  13. I swear by Vera Wang for Kohl's cotton ankle length leggings....on sale for $11

  14. macys has their i.n.c. leggings high waisted for around $40...they are GREAT

  15. I have had some from Torrid that turned out to be the best Ive purchased so far!!! Ive had them for a couple of years, and there hasnt been any thigh issues or anything with them! I just used my one pair for weekends and around the house and they are a little faded now because Ive had them for so long but they still fit perfectly!!!

    I purchased some from Target and they were being the avid Target shopper that my sister and I are we were very disappointed! She is a skinny minnie and still had issues with them and she doesnt even have the thigh issues that I have! So in a pinch if thats the closes store I would purchase them knowing Im only wearing them once...however, for long term I would go back to torrid!!!!

  16. can't stand leggings thanks


    I have a pair in almost every color/style combo possible.