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Rodarte for Target - I'm not a fan

I've been in limbo of whether or not to review the Rodarte line for Target, not because I'm afraid to share my opinion (because we know that is not true), but because when I saw it I totally disregarded it as relevant.  The Go International designers at Target I have come to find out over the years can be a great hit or a tragic miss.  In my opinion,  Rodarte for Target was a tragic miss.  I really wanted to buy a piece from the collection, but the translation from high end to low end was extremely horrific.  The materials the dresses just screamed cheap and because the material was so cheap I think the designs aesthetic got lost of the cheapness of the fabric. 

I will give it to the Mulleavy sisters for actually trying to make a line for Target that actually resembles their real clothing line.  I have read reviews and some actually like the line.  For me, it was a bust.  I wanted to buy a piece, style it up, and make it cute, but I was so taken back to how terrible it looked in the store I didn't even bother. 

I think Target does better with designers who have a simplier design aesthetic, so that when a collection is translated from high end to low end it is actually resembles the high end collection. 

It seems painfully obvious that transferring such complicated design aesthetic with the use of cheap fabric is a definite DON'T!  The beauty of the garment gets lost. 

I would not be surprised a lot of the pieces from the collection end up on the clearance racks.

Rodarte for Target



  1. I'm not a fan either. The fabric looks cheap, unflattering. Rodarte, back to the drawing board.

  2. @Ms. Tina yeah...I am however looking for to Gaultier's collection for Target. Hopefully that line will turn out better.

  3. I saw it in the store a few weeks ago and I hated it! I looked like a project from Fashion Design 101

  4. @Tiffany....LMAO!!! Great way to put it.

  5. SO good indeed! Glad to have found your page!! This is such great work!! Interesting to read for sure!!