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Selling my pieces from my wardrobe!

So everyone at this point knows I moving.  I'm getting rid of quite a bit of my wardrobe and selling some of the better pieces.  These are just a few pieces that I have (my camera went dead so I dont have any more pics).  But I will be selling everything until Wednesday.  If you are in Atlanta and want to come by Wednesday email me at and i will send you the specifics, address, etc.  The pieces that are pictured can be bought by anyone I will ship.  Everything must be sold by Wednesday, because I will ship on Thursday.  All unsold items will be donated...I have to get this stuff out of my house!!! LOL  Happy shopping!  Sorry I did not get a chance to style it each piece, but I am on limited time.

Off White Jacket $10 size 18/20

Aqua Spring Coat - $20 size 22

Burgandy Blazer - $10 size 18/20

Red Trench  Coat  $20 22/24

crop denim jacket $10 14/16

Ruffle Crop Vest $5 - size 2X - still has tags on...has a small hole underneath arm


  1. Oooh cant wait to see what else u put up!!!!

  2. @yvette - I wont be posting anymore pics sorry
    @Fashionable for Life - I only have one dress Im selling

  3. Oh, I think I might want that blue coat, if you'd be willing to ship it to wouldn't happen to have the measurements for it? :)

  4. @Maren - I actually sold everything. Sorry:(

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