Swimsuit Season is upon us - MonifC's new swimsuit line

As a lover of the summer season and swimsuits.  I love the hunt of trying to find the perfect swimsuits for my body for the upcoming summer.   With seeing MonifC's new swimsuit collection I couldnt resist commenting on the new line.  Last summer MonifC preview her first ever line of swimsuits and although very sexy they seemed a little hard for the average curvy girl to wear with deep plunging necklines.  This year she altered an her last year's design by decreasing the neckline and I personally think it will make the swimsuits easier to wear for our bustier curvy girls.  I actually ordered a swimsuit last summer season for a luau, but it didnt come in on time, so I had to cancel my order and find a new suit.  Every summer I order 3  swimsuits so this year I think Im going to order a suit from MonifC.  I personally like the One shoulder ruffle swimsuit.  The overal swimsuit line has some good and not so good pieces.  I am personally not a fan of the fringe suit.  That fringe can potentially be very unflattering for the curvy girl.  I dont know I would have to see a non model in the suit to decide.

Question: Did anyone get a MonifC swimsuit last year, as stated above I wasn't able to buy one.  I would like to know how it worked out for you.