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Swimsuits for those Winter Gettaways

Welcome back Curvy Girl's. The holiday is over, so the post will be coming regularly. I hope to see you here!

For all my Curvy Girl's taking a vacation or a cruise to the warmer places, here are a couple of swimsuit reviews to help you along the way. I am a lover of warm weather, beaches, and swimming. So, I tend to buy a few swimsuits for the season. I so want to escape this winter to a more warmer place...let's see what February will bring.
You know I believe in fabulousness wherever I am...in the office or on the beach.

My most favorite recent swimsuit purchase came from Newport News. It is actually on sale for $24 right now. Don't let the low price fool you. As it is already adorable, this swimsuit is line and the lycra/spandex is firm and heavy, so it will hold you in nicely. While wearing it I got so many compliments. For those of your worried of it's straplessness, it actually come with a strap that goes around your neck. The bust area has quality built in bra that helps everything stay in place. So although the prices are low I am sure the quality of the swimsuits from Newport News is similar, so I definitely will order swimwear from them again.

My next review is on Evans(swimsuit below). Although Evans does have some things I like, swimsuits are not one them. I bought a swimsuit that almost identical to this one below (The difference was it was pink and it was a whole piece). The material was thin and too stretchy. It was almost like standing there naked...it was most unflattering. You could literally see every bump and crinkle. You could buy the bust in standard or large size. I bought the large size and the cups were entirely too large. So before you waste your money on shipping...DON'T. Evans may be good for somethings, but swimsuits is not one of them.


  1. Ciao Garner Style, Hi there in the U.S.A
    I'm Aurè a sicilian Artist, I visited your blog and I must say , I adore It, I love it !
    Your Buxom beauty is as Shining as the Sicilian Sun...Cheers !
    Greetings from Sicily (Italy) the Island of the Sun and Beach... by a fellow Artist who love painting only Curvy Women and to celebrate their sparkling Beauty.
    Happy day and wishing you Happy New Year!

    W the Curvy Girls !


  2. i bought this bathing suite the one with the bow and it is cute but my boobs r not supported at all uuugghhh sigh

  3. @brebaby2009...really not even using the strap...I actually did well with, but Im the small chested side of things

  4. I love Newport News suits too! I also have found really nice ones at www.alwaysforme.com (though considerably more spendy, there are a ton of positive reviews to convince you it is worth the price).