On a hiatus, but wanted to address a few things

As most of you know I have officially moved to Dallas, so I have had a lack of posts with getting unpacked and just settling in.  And besides the fact all my clothes are still packed.  Please just bear with me....I should be back to posting regularly soon. 
I have some pieces that I have ordered to be reviewed, including MonifC's Espana swimsuit which wont be here til May.  All the pieces I have ordered are yet to come in.  

I also want to address the opinions on this blog. Lately I have a gotten a few negative reactions to a couple of my posts.   I post my honest opinions on this blog....period.  I expect my readers and commmenters to post thier honest opinions whether they agree with me or not....just keep the comments as respectful as possible.  As adults we can all agree to disagree.   But if you do not like the way I review or critique then this isn't the blog for you.  Whether I am given a piece by a retailer or I buy one I will critique honestly, so that my readers can decide to purchase or not to purchase a product with some knowledge of style, fit, and quality.  

This is not a fat acceptance blog. 

This blog is to critique plus size fashion....in stores, on celebrities,online, and  in the world.  I critiique on look, fit, and quality.  If its crap I will say it is crap. 

Alright, I am on my way to go shopping...LOL...have a great Sunday!