Cherished Woman & Kingley & Posh

I think nothing is so important is having a crisp white shirt  to wear for work and for play.  I was surfing around the internet and came upon the fact that Cherished Woman was having a sale on the Kingley and Posh line that they carry.  I have seen the line for some time and while I was underwhelmed by the design I did think they had a couple of staple pieces that could easily be added in to your wardrobe.  So when I saw the Origami Belted Top in white that I had been eyeing for some time in white on sale for $24, originally $80 I hopped on the purchase.  I must say I was very pleased with the order.  The top is a nice crisp white shirt that can easily be worn for work or for play.  I do feel like the top ran a little small, so I would advise you ladies to order one size up.  I did like the make of the top it has to small slits on the side of the top for those ladies with hip action.  I did decide to replace the belt with one of my own.  But the top I must say is very cute.  The top is also offered in Black and is still on sale for $24!  Tell me what you think.