Girdles, Foundations, Body Shapers or whatever you want to call them

I have gotten so many emails on the foundations that I wear under my clothes, so I decided to give you a look into my panty drawer. Although very non-glamorous, my foundations are essential to my wardrobe. They keep me tucked in and strapped up, so that my clothes look the best that they can look on me. I will go through and discuss each of my girdles, their use, and were they come from. I personally love the Cacique section of Lane Bryant and I generally get all my foundations, bras, and panties from there. It's a one stop shop for me. Although I do get all of my foundation from Lane Bryant, I know that great girdles can come from place like Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshalls for a fraction of the price. Sometimes there are even Sears coupons available for quality foundations. This blog should give you an idea what to look for when purchasing a foundation.

I will admit that 85% of the time I have on some type of foundation. All of the foundations on this blog come from Spanx.

I am not a very busty woman, but the thing I like about this one piece is because the strap, back fat is controlled and you don't have to worry about the girdle rolling down.   I consider this girdle to be a "big gun." It is thick and gives you great hold.  I use this one under form fitting dresses.

This top can help minimize the bust, back fat, and the tummy area.  This girdle is more for a woman who is top heavy who doesn't have ample hips. I actually need to give this one away, because my hips cause this girdle to roll up.  It is a great girdle, it is just not for  my body type.  So if you legs and hips aren't your problem this is the girdle for you.  I actually bought this one from HSN...I just got excited from watching T.V. LOL.

This is a high waist short. I am a hippy girl with large thighs, so this helps with forming a curvy silhouette and with cellulite issues that may reside on the butt and the thighs. This one also helps with keeping in the stomach and to control back fat. Because I have issues with finding a girdle to fit both the hips and that will hold my stomach in, I often wear a high waist panty girdle with this for that extra support in the stomach area. I wear this one under leggings and trousers.

Didn’t believe I would wear two girdles at one time. This is often underneath my most form fitting dresses. This is the girdle above and a high waist panty on top. I am not suggesting that you all do this, but be aware that sometimes our bodies cannot be squeezed into just 1X, 2X, or 3X. I have 3X hips with a 1X waist, so to make sure I cover all areas I wear two. What you can take from this, is that you can customize your girdle wear to fit your body type. This one is what I call "The SCUBA suit."

This is a high waist panty girdle. This is great for keeping the stomach held in and somewhat flat. It also assist with the concealment of back fat. I use this one under high waist flare skirts, pencil skirts and even with a jeans and t-shirt combo.

This is my lightweight girdle. I use it as my quick fix for my more casual outings. This one especially helps from the waist up. It is lightweight though so its not going to give you the Beyonce’ silhouette, but it will keep unsightly bulges on the stomach and back from showing through you favorite baby t-shirt.

A note on the Body Magic:  I have not bought a body magic, mainly because it doesnt work for my body type.  The Good:  From what I have seen it works wonder and intensely reshapes your body and gives you a waist.  The Bad:  I heard that they are not as durable as you would think for the price. 

A final thought: Girdles have been essential to my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. They help to shape your body and they keep your waist defined. Although, I may not be as shapely as I am not in 40 years, it is a fact that body shapers keep your body in tact and if you haven't been wearing them they can help define the waist area.