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Girdles, Foundations, Body Shapers or whatever you want to call them

I have gotten so many emails on the foundations that I wear under my clothes, so I decided to give you a look into my panty drawer. Although very non-glamorous, my foundations are essential to my wardrobe. They keep me tucked in and strapped up, so that my clothes look the best that they can look on me. I will go through and discuss each of my girdles, their use, and were they come from. I personally love the Cacique section of Lane Bryant and I generally get all my foundations, bras, and panties from there. It's a one stop shop for me. Although I do get all of my foundation from Lane Bryant, I know that great girdles can come from place like Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshalls for a fraction of the price. Sometimes there are even Sears coupons available for quality foundations. This blog should give you an idea what to look for when purchasing a foundation.

I will admit that 85% of the time I have on some type of foundation. All of the foundations on this blog come from Spanx.

I am not a very busty woman, but the thing I like about this one piece is because the strap, back fat is controlled and you don't have to worry about the girdle rolling down.   I consider this girdle to be a "big gun." It is thick and gives you great hold.  I use this one under form fitting dresses.

This top can help minimize the bust, back fat, and the tummy area.  This girdle is more for a woman who is top heavy who doesn't have ample hips. I actually need to give this one away, because my hips cause this girdle to roll up.  It is a great girdle, it is just not for  my body type.  So if you legs and hips aren't your problem this is the girdle for you.  I actually bought this one from HSN...I just got excited from watching T.V. LOL.

This is a high waist short. I am a hippy girl with large thighs, so this helps with forming a curvy silhouette and with cellulite issues that may reside on the butt and the thighs. This one also helps with keeping in the stomach and to control back fat. Because I have issues with finding a girdle to fit both the hips and that will hold my stomach in, I often wear a high waist panty girdle with this for that extra support in the stomach area. I wear this one under leggings and trousers.

Didn’t believe I would wear two girdles at one time. This is often underneath my most form fitting dresses. This is the girdle above and a high waist panty on top. I am not suggesting that you all do this, but be aware that sometimes our bodies cannot be squeezed into just 1X, 2X, or 3X. I have 3X hips with a 1X waist, so to make sure I cover all areas I wear two. What you can take from this, is that you can customize your girdle wear to fit your body type. This one is what I call "The SCUBA suit."

This is a high waist panty girdle. This is great for keeping the stomach held in and somewhat flat. It also assist with the concealment of back fat. I use this one under high waist flare skirts, pencil skirts and even with a jeans and t-shirt combo.

This is my lightweight girdle. I use it as my quick fix for my more casual outings. This one especially helps from the waist up. It is lightweight though so its not going to give you the Beyonce’ silhouette, but it will keep unsightly bulges on the stomach and back from showing through you favorite baby t-shirt.

A note on the Body Magic:  I have not bought a body magic, mainly because it doesnt work for my body type.  The Good:  From what I have seen it works wonder and intensely reshapes your body and gives you a waist.  The Bad:  I heard that they are not as durable as you would think for the price. 

A final thought: Girdles have been essential to my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. They help to shape your body and they keep your waist defined. Although, I may not be as shapely as I am not in 40 years, it is a fact that body shapers keep your body in tact and if you haven't been wearing them they can help define the waist area.  


  1. I don't wear shapewear very often--I don't have a need to, really--but I bought shapewear like that first Spanx bodysuit, but from Sears. It's Dr. Rey Shapewear, and it's the same concept, except that the front goes down below the bust, and the back goes just as high. It's great if you're bust-ier!

  2. Thanks for this post- was so helpful! I'm a fan of spanx as well- everything just looks smoother and you're more confident I think

  3. I like that first shapewear. Where cane i purchase something similar?

  4. Thanks for the post. I'm a big shapewear wearer as well. UI like to always look smooth under my clothing. I think I will have to look into that first one

  5. I have to say, I am not a fan of shapewear. As a curvy girl, I just can't be sealed in. It's so uncomfortable, especially those all in one shapewears. Going to the bathroom in one of those is a task. However. Spanx seems to be the best in my opinion. I will wear their shapewear if I am wearing something that's body conscious.

  6. @Savonne...yea I have never claimed shapewear is comfortable. I have even gotten bruises from wearing them sometimes, but it is a personal decision that I found looking smooth is more important than comfort...similar to the decision that most women make with wearing high heel shoes.

    1. I've found that the shapewear of today is so different from the "restraints" made in say, my Mother's era. Today shapewear is made so well and very state of the art with comfort in mind. To be control top pantyhose was restrictive. Once I started using Spanx or other good equivalent, it came to a point where I felt like I had nothing on underneath, but at the same time, my body was tucked in nicely, smoothly and looked as best as it can be. ;)

  7. I just realized that every woman does NOT wear shapewear. This confuses me as that is how you keep your body together...just like wearing a good bra to keep the boobs lifted. When I hear "I can't be uncomfortable", I kind f drift off. Beauty has never been comfortable and FASHION will NEVER be comfortable. Even skinny women are often uncomfortable. Depending on the occasion, it's worth it. But..I agree with Chas...that is a personal decision. Just seems so sloppy to decide not to wear it. JMO

  8. @Glittergirl-I never said I wouldn't or didn't wear one. I am just not a fan. When needed, Spanx does it for me. Even before spanx, I would just cut out the foot of stockings and use that to hold and smooth. Yes, I agree that when it comes to fashion, you have to be uncomfortable sometimes, but, when you are uncomfortable in something,it shows. However, I do understand where you are coming from.

  9. I have never been a fan of shapewear either but it does wonders! I did purchase a body magic and found it to be a waste of money. The claps started coming off after a couple of weeks. If you were thinking about purchasing one, I would say to SAVE your money. Buy SPANX or something else instead.

  10. @Cianna...its a shame b/c they are great shapers, but for the money they should last for at least a year

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  12. GREAT BLOG!!!! I love shapewear (although I call em girdles)...have just about every brand in my drawer. I'm glad Spanx works for you girls but I'm not a big fan, it just didn't do what I need it to do, although I haven't tried them in awhile. I have a body magic, that does give great support, I was a bit mad that it didnt come equipped with a gusset (so I made my own). My absolute fav brand is Rago, google em, can't live without em...

  13. BLESS YOU for this post! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I have been wondering how everyone's "foundations" look and this was a GREAT way to get started. I didn't know where to start and now I know what to be looking for when I get my own. LOVE your blog! I'm so glad I found it. Thanks again for this and the JPG for Target post! Don't ever stop blogging!

  14. @HauteGirlHair...oh flattering are you...I so appreciate such a warm and excited compliment. I will keep them coming and I hope not to dissappoint.

  15. wendy williams had a shapewear fashion show on her show today. it re-airs tonight. check your local listings for the time.

    on another note, i love spanx. i have the high waist shorts and the slightly lower version. what i'm looking for now is a shaper bodysuit with a thong.

    1. @Asha: You may already know this seeing that you posted a while back, but in case you didn't, Bethenny Frankel came out with a line of shapewear that incudes thongs. I heard they were good, economical and good. You may want to check it out. Her line can be seen at:

  16. @Asha...I love Wendy...thanks Ill tune in tonight

  17. how bout "chub rub"?

    i have yet to find a shapewear garment that works.
    spanks roll up and down, and oddly make me sweat.
    i've cut some leggings to try, but they ride up.
    any suggestions?

  18. I brought a pair of the spanx high waist shorts today. I think I may need to go down a size. They did smooth me out well, but I had to wear a more firm high waist brief shaper under the spanx shorts to suck me in. I'm going to invest in a few more pairs though, a size smaller- I think that they will be great for dresses and skirts this summer ;)

  19. @Tav - you can use the biker short for chub rub, but monistat also puts out this cream that dries like powder on your legs. It is the best for keeping away rashes. Foundations generally can keep you moist underneath, b/c of the layer of skin. I advise you to use some monistat powder gel to keep you dry. Try a one piece girdle to tackle issue like a girdle rolling down.

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  21. Thanks for the info!!!! I need to step my shapewear game up! I love looking smooth under my clothes albeit big! :-) I have on my Body Magic as I type, and I must admit that it feels like a medieval torture device, but I look fierce in my dress so **kanye shrug** I can't speak to the durability because this is only my 5th time wearing it. I can say that it really sucks u in and improves posture. Some cons are that it's a little hard to use the restroom and when you first wear it it's EXTREMELY hard to put on. It does get easier with each wear though. I'm definitely going to get spanks for my casual days when I dont need as much support. Thanks for the information and keep up the fabulous work!!!
    (Sorry I wrote a novel)

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  23. I love me some spanx. I have some hose and the high waist panty. LUV LUV LUV.

  24. I love me some spanx. I have some hose and the high waist panty. LUV LUV LUV.

  25. Thank you for this post, most useful :)

  26. Spanx, Body Magic etc are only alright , they don't do much though .
    Best train in Playex girdles , get used to them , wow do they mould and shape to perfection . Rago are FAB too , both in open bottom ( the best ) and panty styles ( casual wear) .
    People will feel that the life is being squeezed out of them at first, after a couple of weeks CONTINUOUS all day wear , you get used to it all .
    After a couple of months they are no problem .
    After a year or maybe less , you forget you have it on ! And from there on it's plain sailing .
    In any vintage girdle you will have to sit up straight , you'll have to bend with the knees , basically it's a new way of everyday life that has you as slim as an actress or a super model . It's fabulous for posture .
    For more detailed advice , go to : .
    You'll never regret it with all the admiring looks you get - and invitations out to dinner, so get a big appointments book !!!

  27. Some top tips for putting on and wearing a Girdle .
    1. Wear it all the time , that way your body forms to a girdle , you get used to it and it becomes no problem at all in a while .
    2. With an open - bottom girdle , leave it arched well down over your bottom, fasten your back suspenders first whilst standing up, holding each foot off the ground in turn .Once both back suspenders are fastened to your nylons, tug the girdle up whilst wriggling up as far as just beneath your breasts and bra , then again holding each legs off the ground in turn , fasten your front suspenders , you will notice that as you adjust your stockings to clasp them with front suspnders, you will feel a tug on the corresponding back suspender : then you know you're doing it right !
    3. All done, relax whilst still standing , you will feel completely squeezed at the same compression all over, and as you get used to it , you will actually feel snug, held up and relieved as you let your entire middle sag into your girdle . Then pull your knickers up OVER your Girdle

    And for the ultimate luxury wear a silk slip over your ensemble , and confidently put on your tightest dress or pencil skirt, step into heels - and ADMIRE yourself in a full-length mirror , Enjoy !

  28. The key to wearing Girdles and Shapewear is to go to a corsetier and be fitted and consulted. There is much more to wearing a girdle then just buying on line and there is lots to learn. Once you are a properly fitted and you learn to just relax your stomach muscles over of about 2 weeks to a few month you will find wearing a girdle daily you will love how much increased energy and confidence you will being in a well fitted girdle, it is great.

  29. I have a Body Magic and I adore it. I have lower back problems from an auto accident I was in as a teen and the Body Magic helps me with my posture so it's a win-win for me.

  30. Girdles give poise and confidence. It's been several months now since a post here, hope everybody is feeling good. We should keep in touch more.
    We all feel a bit down now and then through the day, hours in the girdle, especially those of us sitting at desks, maybe feel like going to the toilet and taking it down, but think of how awful it is with the girdle off for any time, how awkward it is getting it all back on, how it can be missed, there, you don't want to take it down at all, you only thought you did! Now feel the fab way it all holds you up and supports you. aren't we women really lucky to wear girdles , and very wise to as well. I hear some men are adopting, or adapting the girdle too, hear they call them 'mirdles' , fancy that!
    What do people here think?

  31. Thank you so much!! This really helped!

  32. this should be re-posted quarterly as a reminder to wear your shapewear, ladies!!!

  33. This is a great post! I have been plus size all of my life and my grandmother, mother, and aunts have always taught me to wear a gridle (shapewear) no matter what! I have a drawer full and wear them all...sometimes several at a!! I have a Body Magic and I love it! It's not practical for everyday use because it is a chore to get into as well as get out of especially if you're out in public and need to use the restroom. The ribbing (boning) of the Body Magic also makes it hard to wear under form-fitting items. You will definitely see the clasp and outline through form-fitting items. I usually wear my Body Magic to church or formal affairs! Spanx by far are the best shapewear for my body. I'm not very busty (B cup) and I'm very hippy with stomach (size 18/20), so wearing shapewear is the only way I define and polish my figure. I work in Lane Byrant and find it so surprising the large amount of plus size women who are rebel against quality shapewear. Beauty starts inward...which is my heart and my shapewear...and flows outward...which is what others see when they look at me!

  34. The secret that today's girls don't know, and that is
    >that once you train in a girdle it can be a joy to
    >wear. You do actually forget you have it on,
    >and when you think of it it's just a nice firmness
    >around you, a lovely hug particularly around your
    >bottom. It holds you up, the support and comfort can
    >be awesome. But it's lovely to take it off going to
    >bed, then you get so you can't wait to get it on in
    >the morning to feel all that fab support. A girdle
    >becomes so nice to wear eventually, in fact the
    >support is so good you wonder how you ever lived
    >without it. The way it holds your tummy up and in is
    >awesome to feel, your bottom begins to feel petted.
    >Yes the bottom hem binds your thighs together but you
    >know this is so your girdle hem won't show through
    >your skirt, and I certainly don't begrudge my waist
    >nipped in a couple of inches either . It's very
    >important to keep it down over your bottom at the back
    >and to fasten your back suspenders first to anchor it.
    >Then to grasp it by the top in front and pull it up
    >before you start to fasten each front supender - and
    >then lift each leg off the floor so you can feel the
    >tight draw on your back suspender as you fasten the
    >front suspender on that leg. And each time wiggle a
    >little bit so the girdle mini-adjusts itself
    >comfortably round your rear, done!
    >Well now that your belly is flattened and your bottom
    >lovely and tight - it's actually a nice feeling, it's
    >so snug.
    >Now make a cuppa , sit down, and let your belly go!
    >this is hugely important because when you let your
    >belly go all of you relaxes into your girdle then, and
    >now you just feel support, blessed support, firmness
    >all around and nothing else. And now you begin to know
    >how we wear girdles all the time, because it's
    >enjoyable as they do a lovely job.
    >A girdle is so delightful to wear, once you know how,
    >that it makes you feel good as it makes you look
    >Now go look in the mirror and see what it does for
    >you, go on and move your hands around your girdle and
    >marvel at it, at yourself, your hands feel it to be
    >hard but inside it you feel it soft against you, I can
    >never get over the way it holds me up so beautifully.
    >Yes, I have to bend with my knees and sit up a bit
    >straighter, that's more graceful, and it's a bit
    >difficult to scratch an itch .
    >Now on with your clothes and off and let the world see
    >and admire your fabulous figure ( it's for me to know
    >and them to find out ! ) .

  35. Good stuff..those tips really work out..looking forward to learn more from you..keep posting.

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