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Marie Review Part I

Have any of you headed over to  She actually has a great sale on a lot of higher end plus pieces.  I actually bought 2 pieces from her.  I purchased the pink and black polka dot top and a black peplum jacket.  I will review the jacket later.  Both the of the items I purchased are Jibri, but they are exclusive pieces done for just her online boutique.   I purchased the top for $52.00 and the jacket was $55.00.  This was actually a steal, when its known that the Jibri Collection generally retails for between $125-$250.  Just FYI, most of MarieDenee's pieces are largely discounted and you can get quite a deal on a lot of the high end designer pieces you have been eyeing. 

The pieces that I got are both of the usual great quality that you would expect from Jibri.  In this outfit, I actually paired this pink polkadot ruffle blouse with a high waist skirt from a bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal.   (Ladies do check out David's Bridal for pieces or dresses...with a good selection and some alterations you can sometimes find a dress that doesnt look like it came from David's Bridal --- I have seen it happen!)  Belted with my favorite belt from Ann Taylor(I know yall are probably sick of this belt...LOL).  And do you ask, do you see a hint of bra underneath....LOL...yes you do.  I was thinking of my mom when I did this.  Remember the old 80s 9-5 tops that where very sheer and the women used to just wear a bra underneath and that was perfectly fine.  Although  you do have to access your body and of the place you are going, but done carefully this can give that little extra something.  Toped off with my peek toe pearl colored pumps from Macys.  They are my nude pumps, so far for the season.  I plan to get a "more nude" pair, but havent found a pair yet.   


  1. Wow, really love this look! Great colour too and just so pretty! Thank you for sharing!!!

    em. x.
    (I have great curves and I know how to wear them).

  2. I really like this look! The new blouse is perfect, and the skirt is perfect.

  3. Love this top! It's super cute. Can't believe you got the skirt from David's! Wow, way to put it together! Beautiful as usual.

  4. wahoo!!!speacheless!!!!
    Really love tis cheeky working woman style!!!