The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style Goes To Print!

So I guess you might say I've been a busy girl. I can't hold water, so actually not talking about a project I've been working on for quite some time has been killer.

I actually wrote an entire book based on my blog.  The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style Vol. 1 is a fashionista's guide to having fabulous style at any size. The book explores several areas of style that the average curvy girl struggles with. Chapters in the book include "Know Your Body", "10 Essentials for the Curvy Girl's Wardrobe" and "Girdles, Foundations, and Brassieres, Oh My!". That combined with a little humor, a dash of tough love, and a whole lot of style makes this book a curvy girl's must have. I wanted to help the curvy girl that may not know where to begin or who just needs a little inspiration to get to her individual style destination.

"The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style," Vol. 1 will officially be released on May 1, 2010 and will be available to purchase online at, The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style (the blog) or directly from Garner Style.   You can pre-order the book as of now.  The book price is $15.00.

I hope yall like it.  I really worked hard on it to make it perfect. 

P.S.  To all my international readers, I will ship internationally from the blog.