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Frugalista Find: Ebay Purplemoonwag Shop

Okay my frugalistas have I got the find for you.  I was surfing around ebay and I found the PurplemoonSwag Shop on Ebay.  What caught my eye was this coat below....

I know it's going into Spring/Summer right now, but as you guys know I am a hoarder and have no problem buying for the next season.  Now I know my Frugalistas are like...what is the price darn it?!?  This coat was on bid for $29.99.  I tried to look up the fabric content, but there was none listed for this particular coat.   So I continued my extensive look into this shop and this is what I found that I liked.

This shop literally has over 100 pieces, so have fun looking.   I have never ordered from this place, but the seller's feedback was 99% positive.  Has anyone else ever heard of this shop or has ordered? 


  1. I haven't ever heard of it but I took a look just now... all I can say is WOW! I'm in love! I work retail partime so budget is a hard thing. I fall in love with expencive things and cant afford to get them. So this is beyound cool to me :D

  2. Ooooh love the coat. Never heard of the shop before, but I'll be checking them out now.

  3. @Tigress & Princess..yeah this def. worth checking out

  4. OMG! That coat is DIVINE! I went on to see if they had that exact coat in a different color, but I could not find it. It is beautiful! Hope you get it.