Too much stretch in a structured world!

I was browsing through the new collection from Jessica Biffi (contestant from Project Runway Canada) and I just got irritated. Not so much because of this collection, but because I am tired of about 90% of plus size clothes being in some type of jersey stretch fabric. Although Jessica Biffi’s design aesthetic was not in line with my tastes, what I can say is all of her garments, good or bad, were structured on Project Runway. Then I flip over to her collection for Addition Elle and pretty much the entire collection is stretch. I’m just like somebody please take a chance. Are the only clothes that the plus size woman’s closet harbor is jersey knit or even worse rayon or poly blend? I know mine doesn’t, but apparently this must be somewhat true. As these new lines come out I get my hopes all up in hopes of getting a more structured line. Then as the new line is revealed my hopes have been crushed. And then to top it all off there is no innovation...nothing new.  I have seen these very designs in a Rainbow and Dots for a fraction of the price and the same fabric.    Although, I do advise women to buy quality clothes, I do not advocate paying $60 for something that you can buy elsewhere for $10.   Especially when these clothes will probably end up the "too raggedy to wear" pile wihin 6 months time. Sadly this collection was the straw that broke the camel's back for me today.  Am I expecting too much?  Let me know what you think.