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Icongraphy Magazine Goes Plus!

Deemed the thickest issue ever, Iconography Magazine, following suit to the mainstream magazine's love affair with plus sizes right now, put out an all plus issue. The magazine offers high fashion, sleek couture, and fabulous editorials in its quarterly operations. I must say Iconography has done us proud. Not only did they use mainstream plus fashion, but they dove into the world of underground independent designers. This has yet to be seen or done by the other mainstream magazines, which generally are using wardrobe choices that they average curvy girl cannot wear because it isn't offered in her size.

Be sure to check it out. I found myself sucked into the great styling and wanted to know where these pieces came from. I'm sold.

(I posted this on my examiner page...I know everyone doesn't read that one, I wanted to make sure to keep all my readers in the know...ENJOY!)

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