Thrift Store + $2 + Needle & Thread = Fabulous Sundress

I think one of the benefits to dressing plus size is that it can bring out the creativity in you, even if you don't have a creative bone in your body. This dress was originally a shirtdress that I thrifted from Clothing Warehouse for $2. What I mean by shirtdress, is that it had a collar and long sleeves. I looked at the dress and immediately thought this is a Do-It-Yourself project. So I opted to turn this rainbow plaid shirtdress into a strapless sundress. The great thing about this dress is that I only paid $2 for the dress, so if I royally screwed it up it was no biggie. And if you know how to sew a button you should be able to replicate this project.

Shirtdress into a Sundress Instructions

• I tried on the dress and took a measuring tape and measured from the waistband of the dress to right above my where I wanted the top of the dress to begin. This was right above my bust.

• I marked the measurement with a white chalk pencil (usually you can find this in a large sewing kit). I actually cut two inches above the white chalk line, so I had room for error. Cut off the sleeves, but don't cut too much.  You must leave enough to stitch up the sides. I folded the excess material over the chalk line.  I then ironed the folded material, so that later when I was sewing I would clear be able to see where I should be sewing.

• Measure around your bust area. When you stitch up the side, where the sleeve were you want to have enough room to actually be able to fit in the garment. Measure the top opening to make sure you leave enough space to comfortably slide the dress over your head.

• I then folded in where the sleeves were and stitched up the sides.

• The longest part to this is finishing the areas that you cut for the top of your dress. You have to stitch the folded and ironed material, so it looks finished

.• Then go get your casual chic on!

I hope these instructions helped.  I am nobody's seamstress, but I wanted to let you know how I altered this dress at home. If you have any issues or questions on the instructions, you can email me. My email address is listed on the side bar.