12 inch heels!?! ~ Wear at your own risk

I had to post this because of the insanity behind this shoe. 

"Mihai Albu, a designer known as Romania’s “shoe architect,” has come out with a new pair of sandals that increase a woman’s height by 12 inches (31 centimeters). The new shoes are being compared to skyscrapers because of their towering heels. But the price also may have something to do with it. In a nation, where the average salary is euro450 ($575) a month, the hand-crafted sandals are selling for up to euro1,200 ($1,525). But the designer believes his shoes are worth the high price. “Heels have an advantage because (many women) don’t have long legs,” said Mr Albu. “They reposition the waist.” Mr Albu, a former architect, blends math, architecture and art in his creations. He uses French leather and encrusts it with jewels, feathers and mirrors. His latest creation, the 12.2 inch heel sandal, is a construction of three black wedge sandals."

I have to provide some commentary on this.  Ok from a fashion & style point of view these shoes are fabulous, especially for editorial styling and maybe RuPaul, Gaga, or Posh Spice.  I love the pointe shoe heels that we have seen Beyonce and Rihanna wear in their videos, but as we can see they are either laying down wearing them or holding on to something.

From a real woman's point of view....ok...somebody needs to know when to say when.  Most of you guys know I screwed up my knee, so the 5 inch heels that I used to wear are no more.  But even when my knees where perfectly fine 5 inch heels wear not an easy feat to accomplish.  I had to strategically wear them, when I would be sitting most of the time.  And at 5'9 do i really need to be 6'9!?!  There is no reason why Shaq and I should be able to see eye to eye...Im just sayin.  No offence to my tall friends b/c I have quite a few.  From another article I have already heard that people have put in their orders for these shoes.  I guess the tradition of reaching the impossible standards of beauty have become a little more impossible.  I wonder if these heels come with a "wear at your own rish" clause, because I know someone is going to break something, whether it is a knee, an ankle, or a toe, trying to wear these.

I can't wait to read your comments on this one...LOL.