My book My book....Yeah my book

Do the icecream and cream and cake! (I love that commerical's song) I know I am a little corny, but I am just so excited about the hard copy of my book.  I had some issues with the publishers/printers of my book.  I got them all worked out, but anywho I am like a proud peacock.  I would also like to thank Fluvia Larceda, Yuliya Raquel from Igigi, and Jasmine from Jibri for the quotes on the back of the book.   These ladies have all put their stamps on the plus size fashion world and i am so honored that they could lend a hand...or a quote.  Please excuse the top picture...that is me in my bed clothes...not looking anywhere close to fabulous.  I am also excited b/c I designed the back of the book and I am nobody's graphic artist.  

And of course if you would like a copy you can purchase on the side bar of this blog.  This book will be available on Amazon in no more than 15 days.  Thank you all for the support that I have already gotten.  You  guys have been great!

Sidenote:  I know I havent done a contest in a while, but don't worry I am looking to do a huge one that will include the book and some of the recommendations that are in it...So look out.  But in the meantime Become, Shopping your way is having a giveawy that will be giving away two $50 gift certificate to   Check out the site for how to enter.