eShakti Dress Giveaway

The generous people at eShakti have sponsored a dress giveaway with yours truly.  The dress is a 2X black and white print.  Sorry guys the dress is a little snug on the hips, so I couldn't actually model the outfit and there is no one else here but the dog and she said she didn't want to model...LOL.   The dress, from what I can tell, is sold out on eShakti, but it is very trendy and cute --- I'm sad I couldn't slip it on.  

The accessories are not included, but I wanted to style it up.   To enter the contest you must be a follower and comment "enter me" & your email address.  The contest will end at June 30th (the day the new Twilight movie come out --- cant wait) at 11:59pm.  The winner will be picked by  Good Luck!!!