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FFF Week (tm) Finale Recap

I must say I really enjoyed myself at FFF Week.  The weekend is kind of a blur with me darting to get to this event and that event, that I really didnt get to go to every event I wanted to.  This is a recap the designers I really like at the event.  For me a runway show is about the clothes, potential pieces that I can buy, or recommend to clients.  So I happy to see a lot of different styles represented on the runway.   In the mini slideshow/movie I put in my favorite designers and my favorite looks from them. 

In the order on the slideshow:

Susan Moses:  This designer was my absolute favorite at FFF Week.  I want to know where I can buy!!!  The delivery of the pieces was flawless with clean lines, immaculate details, and innovative design.  Although I have seen this style before offered in plus, I have not seen it executed to this standard, with just the extreme attention to detail in this dark and edgy style.  And the structure of the clothing was a force to be reckoned with.  I was impressed.   Susan Moses really took this look to the next level. 

Monif C - Her collection consisted of some things that I had already seen with some pieces that I haven't.   Monif C is definitely staking her claim in swimsuits in plus sizes.  Monif C actually made a bikini that works for the plus size body that actually looks good.  With a little thinking outside the box, Monif C has made the bottom and top to cover the right areas and the let the areas that work best for the curvy girl show.  I must say kudos to Monif C for her innovation the swimsuit area.

Igigi -  Again this collection of mostly of pieces that had been on the Igigi website for months at this point.   I did like the fact that Igigi's collection really told a story.  The story was called "A walk in Paris."  With great styling Igigi really gave you the feeling of being in Paris.  She did show one piece that I had not seen before.  It was a gorgeous wedding dress (which is not on the website).  The dress made me want to buy for my own wedding.   

Jewel Shannon - This collection consisted of resort pieces.  This designer mixed swimsuit material with glamour and luxury.  I pieces from this collection, because I love luxury and the swimsuits and coverup just looked so expensive.  Ladies no swimming in these suits...LOL


  1. the video is private. can you please make it public? thank you!

  2. @Keena...it should be working now

  3. Susan Moses's collection was FAB as well as Chan.nel Karama.

  4. @Ms Tina - I didnt get to see the Chan.nel Karama