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MonifC Swimsuit Review

Ok so I know you guys have been waiting on the MonifC swimsuit review.  I ordered the one shoulder ruffle dress seen here on Fluvia.  I must say I really like the swimsuit.  Besides being super cute, the swimsuit has some nice features for the curvy girl, including the optional strap, the double lined material with bra cups, and the material is nice and thick to hold you in.   My only wish for the swimsuit is that I wish the ruffle would have been extended to the back part of the swimsuit, as the ruffle is only in the front.  This swimsuit gets The Curvy Girl's stamp of approval as a fabulous addition to your resort and summer pool wear. Oh and one other thing...the cut around the crotch area is a little make sure if you order this suit to have your bikini area in check.

As I have said many times before I am a fan of playing up your look at the pool.  Besides the traditional shades I added a pair of emerald green earrings that I got from Asos and a red bracelet from Evans for this day at the pool.  You can kind of see them in the picture above.  

Before I go, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have been wearing my hair in a ballerina bun lately.  Apparently it is one of the "in" hairstyles of the season. But I wanted to tell you guys about those Goody's hair accessories that allow you do you hair in a bun, a pumped up pony tail, or a updo.  Now I know I sound like a commercial, but I promise I am not getting anything for this plug.  I just know with the summer here the weather can keep our hair from looking it's best, so I have opted to try out these products from Goody.  And I love them....they make doing chic styles to your hair super easy.  I ordered my through the mail, but you get all three hair accessories for $14 and they add in a little comb to give you a small bump.   Just thought I would share.


  1. Great swimsuit! and OMG the hair twisty thing from Goody I'm glad you said you like it because I've been wanting to get one but didn't know if it 'really' worked!

  2. def works...they are gonna be my summer remedy for keeping my hair up off of my neck.

  3. amazing swimsuit!!I want someone like this for this summer

  4. That swimsuit is gawwwwwjus!!!!!!!!!