On my way to Full Figured Fashion Week(TM) & Book Special! - Garnerstyle

On my way to Full Figured Fashion Week(TM) & Book Special!

I know I haven't really posted this week, but stay tuned.  I plan to get everyone updated on the activities at Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC.  I won't fly in until Friday, but I will be sure to find the most fabulous fashion.  I plan to do a recap every night (and it will probably be late at night) of all the festivities...so camera don't fail me now!

I'm going to keep under wraps what I am wearing until this weekend.  But I will let on a little snippet.  Most of you guys know that I have a screwed up knee, so heels are a little hard for me to wear.  Especially ones over 3 inches.  So I decided to pick up some fabulous flats (and I know they are not as fabulous as heels) from the Christian Siriano line for Payless.  Know Im not a usual matchy matchy person with shoes and a clutch, but I just couldn't resist.  These are probably by far the most fabulous flats I have every seen.  Because a lot of stores don't carry them in the store, I ordered them and had them shipped to the store (its free shipping if you have them sent to the store).  When I got to the sore they actually had the clutch and the buy1 get 1 half off was on, so I couldnt leave the clutch behind.  They both look so expensive...way over the $29,99 price tag that each of them carry.  I must say that on my list of designers that have done affordable collections this one is a favorite of mine.  It is nice to see a designer not only backing their affordable line not only with thier name, but with a great product.  The detail on this flat is fabulous!

Anywho, look out for a day to day coverage of FFF Week and the fabulous fashion!  Also, in conjunction with the festivities of FFF Week(tm)  I will be offering The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style (book) at $!3.00 until Sunday ------ ONLINE ONLY!


  1. Those shoes are awesome! I just saw him on Oprah yesterday (probably a repeat).

    Those are fly! Safe travels...You are leaving Dallas and I'm coming there!

  2. Love the shoes and bag! I am hoping to be able to make it to your book signing at Redress on Sunday. And I look forward to seeing your pics. I'm sick in bed with bronchitis so I cannot make it to FFF week as I planned. So bummed. :(

  3. dangit Chastity I was trying to talk myself out of that purchase..

  4. there is also a code for an extra 20% off 30487. I dont know when the exp date is. But its a great deal with the BOGO and additional off.

  5. @ladies...thx so much all!
    @Marcy..i am sooo sorry...FEEL BETTER!...that sucks, but I know you will have good people giving you recap
    @Nikki...ugh..i needed that coupon..LOL

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