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Outfit of the day: Full Figured Fashion Week

Bear with me guys I am going to blog on the fashion of FFF Week....it is just my computer is so slow...I need to go home and get on the Mac...lol.  I did want to blog on the looks I had on for the different events and the fashion shows. 

This is Natalie Sandy (aka Ms New York American Beauties Plus) and I.  This was at the Lane Bryant event early Saturday.  Here I am actually wearing the Asos Curvy power should maxi dress.   The dress is actually super long, but I decide to hike it up a bit, b/c it was just too hot.  I belted it and paired it with a silver pin from eShakti which completed my little futuristic look.

As you may know this is Tiffany from Fat Shopholic & Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista.  I wanted to point out that Christina and I actually wore the same black dress from Asos (hers from the straight size colleciton, mine from the curvy ---but pretty much the same dress).  We didn't run into each other, but had we I dont know that anyone would think we had on the same dress.  I think this just stresses the point of putting your own creative spin on the pieces you purchase. 

I wore this dress to opening night.   I took so many pics, but neglected to get any by myself or even a good full length shot....I know I suck...I gotta work on that...LOL.  The dress is by Jibri. It is a floral on shoulder peplem with cutout detail on the sleeve, the bottom pencils down.  I totally loved this dress. 


Last, but not least. My final dress came from the wonderful people at eShakti, who sponsored pieces for me to wear during FFF Week.  I wore this dress to the book signing at Re/Dress boutique.  I usually hate taking pictures sitting down, but I kind of like this one so Ill let it pass...LOL. This dress is black with pink trim. I just found it to be the cutest daytime dress. I paired with earring that I bought from redress and my fav. boyfriend watch from Overstock.com. ----- Although you could not see my bra by the human eye through this dress you can def. see it b/c it was picked up by the flash --- excuse the bra flash guys.  Im at least glad I had on my pretty lacy bra...LOL.

I also wanted to incorporate some haute looks that I saw on some of the attendees:

Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista was on my best dressed list for FFF Week.  She was fabulous everytime I saw her.  What I really liked about her looks is she went for different effects each time....one was daring, one was elegant, and one was fun.  She really switched it up.  Kudos!!!

Meilee from Sheroes had the most fabulous shoes...and guess where they came from (Meilee I hope you dont hate me for putting you out there) ------ Rainbow.  They were so so so cute!

Emme, the hostess of FFF Week looked fab in her one shoulder jumpsuit by Susan Moses.

Bella Styles stops traffic in her haute Asos dress!  I love this dress....I think I might have to get one too.


  1. Chastity,
    I love ALL your looks! You look soo beautiful! I'm so sad I missed it :( but all the girls that were tweeting about it seemed to have had a great time! Kudos on your book signing!

  2. Thanks Laura...there is always next year...and I heard there will be one in Oct in LA...so maybe?!

  3. Love all the pics from FFF week! The eshakti dress loos great on you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beauuuutiful! WOW! I am in awe of all the amazing women and different unique fashions that came out of FFFW!

    BTW, you look beautiful as usual! I love the Jibri dress! Way cute!

  5. @Cid - Thank
    @Nikstar - Thank you & we miss you!!!

  6. OMG I totally agree about the shoes. I went in Rainbow and fell in love with them bought teh red and couldnt stop thinking about how hot they were . I went back to get the Gold teh next day. Totally wish I could buy every colour but i have to control my shoe habit before it becomes addiction lol

  7. Bella you killed it with the Dress!!! Chastity...love your outfits...you always look beautiful...your outfits always make me think outside the box when Im out shopping!

  8. love love! and I need me some JIBRI!

    jessica kane

  9. You're awesome! Imagine how you made those dresses look fabulous on you! The black dress with pink trim is my pick together with your Meilee shoes. They're beautiful and I also appreciate every single photo shoots you made here. Wonderful!

    Angelwynxx -->

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