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The Pleasure Principle...or not so much - Carmakoma review & OOTD

Some of you may have already seen, but Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes invited me to a dinner at Cocina in the West Village in Dallas.  She was here visiting.  I love her blog and sometimes you feel people's energy before you even meet them and thats how it was for me.  And of course as I had already peeped out --- She is freakin awesome.  Besides being absolutely adorable, she was just super nice.  And as she mentioned we just chatted as if we have known each other for years.   She invited the lady behind Fashion nette-work, Juanette.  Juanette also sells some really great statement jewelry.  She was absolutely fabulous in her Banana Republic dress which she died from white to yellow.  I love a DIY girl...she tells you how to accomplish this on her blog.  Check it out.  I can't do anything but love another Banana girl.

My bag is from Ann Taylor.  I actually bought it last season on final clearance - orginally $160, I paid $40.

I wanted to tie this into an outfit post/review of the Carmakoma dress that I recently bought.  I really like the dress, but it did take two tries for it to get to me.  Inspired by Reiko (a lover of Janet) and my clip on bangs by Jessica Simpson.  I tried to achieve my long coveted Pleasure Principle hair style.  Just FYI I have wanted this look since I have been 8.  With the weather hot and steamy its kind of hard to pull off the look with my bangs staying oh so straight my real hair frizzing up.  So, yes I tried, but failed.  I have to wait until the Fall for me to get my Miss Jackson look off.    

(yes I picture jacked....but Reiko's looked so much better than mine)

Okay so I picked up this piece from Carmakoma in a 14/16, which is really not my size, but it was on sale and I wanted to try a cheaper piece before I really spent some money.  Even though it was smaller it definitely had good give and was somewhat baggy on me by the end of the night.  Another treat with this dress is that it was like two dresses in one.  There was an off the shoulder dress that was underneath (that was more like a shirt to me) --- This offered a few options of wearing the pieces together or apart.  Another bonus was that the dress was a razorback with a super cute sequin detail.  

Too cute right?!? The plus of the piece so far is that I really like the price, quality, and the style aesthetic. The cons are that it may take a month or so to get your piece.  My piece took two tries, I was talking to someone on Twitter and the same thing happened to them.  So while, the pieces are cute, if you plan to order for a special event, give yourself at least a month in advance. 

And so shall I leave you with the hairstyle that I have been trying to achieve for the last 20 years.   Thanks to Jessica Simpson...I know at least have some kind of hope of getting this look! 

(Now I don't know where I'm going to get some knee pads to fit my big knees. But believe when I was younger I did put my softball knee pads over my jeans)


  1. I love the back of this dress! You look fabulous!

  2. That happened to me with Carmakoma too. There is just too much lag time between order and receiving. They are actually one of my favourite brands, but I find that lag time hard - especially as London isn't so far from Denmark.
    I ALSO find I have to size down in all the clothes as the "sizings" are a little big.
    You look gorgeous in this though, BTW. xxx.

  3. Great detail on the back! Love sequins :D you look fab!

    xx Anika

  4. Okay, for real..this is my favorite Janet video ever...and yes I can most indeed still do the chair flip part!

    Wasn't her hair fierce!! LOL Loves it!

    Thank you for the kind words and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!! I'll be hustling for you in Houston!

  5. So Chastity, my sister calls me this morning and starts RAVING about you. She is absolutely a new fan of yours! She is even trying to figure out how to leave a comment on your blog now but I'm beating her to the punch because it'll be a while before she figures it out.

    Why is she sending me pictures of some of your clothes saying "can you tell her to hand that dress down to me!?"

    Incredible! Now mind you, I have had a blog for two years and I had to add her to my subscription list.

    Wait! She is on the phone with me now talking about her job is blocking her from leaving a comment..and she called the internet security to see if it was a mistake!!

  6. @God's Fave shoes LOLOLOL Im gonna need you sister to not get in trouble at work. Tell her that she cannot call internet security....LOLOLOLOL.

    I'm glad she likes. Tel her to enter the dress contest! So she has a chance at a free dress!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! When Reiko said she was meeting you the next night, I was bummed that we weren't all able to get together at once. It would have been great to meet you! I've added you to my reader!

  8. The clip on bangs looked cute! I couldn't see that your hair was frizzing from the photos. I want to try them out too since I stayed glued to Ken Paves on QVC. Ha!

  9. first time here, courtesy of god's favorite shoes! loving what i see!!!

  10. Oh, I'm so jealous that you got to meet @GodsFavoriteshoes. I so love her blog and sense of humor. I also missed you Chastity at FFFWeek. The days you were there I couldn't make it and I would have loved to have met you, as I love your blog too. If you guys are ever in NYC please holla at a girl.

  11. I love surprise details like that! Carmakoma shipping is the worst, but the quality of the garments is tops. The hair looks good! When my hair grows back I have to try that clip in bang.

  12. @droll Thanks chica
    @Savonne - the clip on bangs are the bomb - it really upgrades a simple hair ponytail.