Qrystl Frazier...I think I'll Pass

So I kind of been going back in forth in my head on Qrystl Frazier designs and whether or not to blog on....really because I have nothing positive to say about it.  It seems that bloggers have been muting their true opinions on some of these plus size clothes that are substandard in the industry for fear of not being sought out for sponsorship of free clothes, sponsorship, or whatever.  I said screw it...I'll do what I want...LOL.  I know I am setting my self up for the attack.  

Qrystl Frazier has been on Rip the Runway for several years and Project Runway.  Initially when I saw the line on Rip the Runway...I thought this is kind of cute and I wanted to see how Qrystl Frazier designs would grow.  Well, grow is definitely not the word I would use for her clothing.  I have seen this clothing line before the designer went to Project Runway and the clothing was poorly made with issues of unfinished seams, strings hanging off the merchandise, and holes in the clothing.  Almost 4 years later I saw Qrystl Frazier Designs again at FFF Week and I saw clothing that was not finished, specifically sleeves that were cut and the edges were not finished.  The designs did look better.  So I guess that is one positive.  In addition recently, I have viewed QFD clothing in a boutique with holes in the seams.  I was thinking because of this designer's recent appearance on project runway I assumed  that the show would have a positively influence the construction and the style aesthetic. Again, I was disappointed.  

In my opinion, these clothes are definitely not worth the money.  Prices start at around $175 to over $400.  

This dress was actually cute.  It was on the runway on FFF Week, but the edge of the sleeves were left unfinished.  Even though the dress is cute I cannot see myself paying over $200 for a dress that is not completely finished.