Save My Feet From Bleeding Shoes!

Not a post greatly related to fashion, but I had to share this great find.  How many of us have walked, no probably limped, away from barefoot (ewww) the night club of our choice because our pumps have murdered our feet.  I have on numerous occasions said to my BFF, "I think my feet are bleeding."  I don't know if Im late, but I have never seen these before.  They are called Spare Soles available on the Fresh Ayer, a boutique in Philly, website.   I thought these were the neatest idea, a pare of shoes that you can slip on at the end of the night and if you are on you last leg, or foot for the matter, that are small enough to fit in your cutest most petite clutch.  They range at a very affordable $23 - $30 and can be any girl's lifesaver.  

These are definitely a must have for any stiletto wearing stylista!  Oh, and don't forget to enter the Jibri Dress Giveaway, entries accepted until Sept. 15.