Curvy Girls at NYC Fashion Week?

I got an email this morning and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.  Here is the press release below:, the first and largest plus-size web mall, will be producing first plus-size only runway show in New York Fashion Week.

Partnering with The Creative Coalition, will celebrating that 62% of American women who are size 14+ are just as fashionable as their size 2 counterparts, by sending Spring 2011 styles down the runway on the industry’s top plus-size models.

Separate from “Full Figured Fashion Week,” which takes place in June, wanted to bring clothing for real women to NYFW, where it has never before been featured in such a manner, due to the recent confluence surrounding the acceptance of plus-sizes in mainstream media. The show will take place at the Frederick P. Rose Hall at the Atrium at Jazz at Lincoln Center, at 1PM on September 15th.

In addition, some of the headlining models will be Lizzie Miller, Tocarra Jones, and brand ambassador EMME.


  1. Ironically, there's a doughnut ad right below this post. Did you see that? Anyway, loving the plus-size fashion show. Now, if each designer could incorporate a size range into his/her show during Fashion Week, that'd be huge! (No pun intended.) Really, it'd be great to show a range of styles on a range of sizes.

  2. @Lisa I see the donut..and why is it making me hungry...ugh. Just FYI I did not put the donut there. Yes that steps for now.

  3. Just because you have an event during NYFW doesn’t mean that it is actually a show IN fashion week. It isn’t even on the official schedule. Also, Really? Not high fashion. Especially not right now, when fat bodies have so many different options for fierce shit that fits with indie designers, e-commerce, and brick and mortar stores.

    This is not a baby step to inclusion in high fashion. It is an advertising tactic for This is also not the first plus size fashion event to happen in NYC during Fashion Week.

  4. @Afro..yes I am very aware of that fact and honestly was not commenting on the fashion of onestopplus, b/c I dont buy from there...that why I said it was a baby step

    Just happy to see some inclusion and the major plus size models backing it, which should draw some major attention.

  5. This is exciting news!
    I think One Stop Plus gets a bad wrap.
    I'm a firm believer in being able to build outfits from EVERYWHERE and I have shopped with them before.
    It takes time to find things but they are a good source for plus size clothes.
    Anyway...back to the subject at hand, although they aren't the first to do a plus size show during Fashion Week, this is a good door to be opened and as long as they don't have some fluffies stomping down the runway in madris print mu-mu's or corduroy gauchos...I'm down for the cause!

    Is the event open to the public Chastity or is it an invite only event.
    I would love more info on how to attend :)


  6. Im thinking its invite only b/c I was told that if I wanted to come let them know and they will reserve a seat....Im not 100%, but it sounded that way. Thats me using my deductive reasoning...LOL

  7. Awww mannnn.
    Well at least I know we can count on you for a good review if you do decide to attend.
    Will keep my eyes peeled come September.


  8. If it wasn't OneStopPlus I'd be more excited. Don't they basically sell Avenue and Jessica London clothes. I wish a real designer would hit the runway.

  9. @MsMoran...yes they do...they are like a it is my hope that they do bring in real designers for the show since they pretty much sell who they want.