Halston for Bakers Shoes?

My face kind of tied in a knot when I saw this on the Bakers website.  Not a usual fan of Bakers, the shoes are cute but they always tend to hurt like hell (I don't know if that is just my feet), I was looking for affordable bridesmaid shoes.  Then the pearly gates opened up and saw Halston (yes THE very) has done a affordable line for Bakers.  I must say upon looking at them they shoes are NNNNIIIIIICCCCEEEE!  I just found this yesterday, but a friend of mine has seen them in person and they look just at good in person.  The prices range from $60 - $160.

For this very reason I will have to give Bakers another try.  Eeek! I am so excited.  Apparently, there was an Spring Collection in which I did not know about.  But I must say this is really glamour for less.

Will you give any of these shoes a try?