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Halston for Bakers Shoes?

My face kind of tied in a knot when I saw this on the Bakers website.  Not a usual fan of Bakers, the shoes are cute but they always tend to hurt like hell (I don't know if that is just my feet), I was looking for affordable bridesmaid shoes.  Then the pearly gates opened up and saw Halston (yes THE very) has done a affordable line for Bakers.  I must say upon looking at them they shoes are NNNNIIIIIICCCCEEEE!  I just found this yesterday, but a friend of mine has seen them in person and they look just at good in person.  The prices range from $60 - $160.

For this very reason I will have to give Bakers another try.  Eeek! I am so excited.  Apparently, there was an Spring Collection in which I did not know about.  But I must say this is really glamour for less.

Will you give any of these shoes a try?


  1. I am drooooling at the 2nd last pair of colorful heels...mmmm I'll prolly trip and fall over but that looks so YUM. =p

    xo Mavy

  2. Hmmm...when I pass by a Baker's, I usually just look at the young teeny boppers in there rocking those chose cheaply made shoes but those glittery looking pumps might have me atleast actually walking inside Baker's this time.

  3. I love Bakers shoes, and most of my closet is fulled with their shoes. I wear a size 10, but tend to wear 11's in their shoes if its a heel, just for the extra room! I suggest you just size up 1/2 or whole size!!!

  4. Hmmm
    The booties are cute but part of me still says they may hurt!
    I wear an 11 so I usually never have the option to go up a size if their is any discomfort.
    I may give it a try just to say I tried on a pair of Halston shoes that I could afford!

  5. I love the look of all of the Halston shoes. I purchased the suede pumps with the metal detailing on the back of the heel and they are hot!! Definitely not dancing shoes, but HOT!

  6. I have wide width feet so if those shoes accomodate this dogs, i'm down! But I know they are medium width.

  7. i juuust go the maroon natalie heels today for christmas & i am INNN LOVE! i have wide feet too, & if you know how to rock a pair of heels, these are for YOU as well. :)

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