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Leave to Beaver, I mean Isaac

I don't know why I haven't ever blogged on Isaac Mizrahi.  He is one of my favorite designers and I actually have quite a few pieces from him.  I guess I really started buying when he was in Target.  I followed him to  Liz Claiborne (which is where the dress is from that I am wearing).  He is now at QVC with designing for his own line, but I have yet to pick up something.  I bought this dress a couple of years ago for Easter (yes I still buy Easter dresses).  It priced at $189, I think.   I decided to bring this one out for Sunday morning Mass.   This dress is actually one of my top 5 favorite dresses that I have ever purchased.   Oh and please bear with my fuzzy photos and red eye, I have yet to pick up my new camera.  

Underneath the dress you can find a little tulle!  How fun!

I just love the back of the dress. 

I threw on my Christian Siriano flats.  I am really getting a lot of wear out of these.  They do run narrow though, so they can be a little painful after a while.  

I added my little firefly pin that I got from Lane Bryant ages ago. 

Does anyone but me still buy Easter dresses?  Anywho,  I am almost done with the Jibri dress giveaway entries.   The winner will be announced very soon, my dears.  


  1. This dress is perfect! I love it...and nope, I havent bought an Easter dress since I've been an adult.

    Actually, it's sad to say but I always avoid church on Easter...lol! I figure since I go every other Sunday, I'll let the men wearing their zoot suits and Steve Harvey specials have their moment with their mamas.

  2. Since I was a child it has been tradition to get a new dress for Easter Mass and Midnight Mass (Christmas Eve)...it's second nature to me.

    I love the cut of the dress! It looks great on you...

    That length always looks weird on me though. I'm 5'11" so knee length, right below knee length or short dresses look best on me and also floor length (when I can find them). I can never pull off mid calf or ankle...

  3. That look is beautiful and I love the broach!