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A Open lettter to Target

Well, I am currently out of town dealing with a family emergency, but I did want to pass this along.  I am a Target lover and when the new designer lines come out I am usually have to pick up my crisco and a little fashion line to squeeze into them.  I would love them to be offered in plus sizes, so I lend out my support to getting the extention sizes in the GO International designers.

Dear Target: Why do you hate me so?

Why do you ignore, shun, and sweep me to the side when I want to shop too? Each season, you skillfully and beautifully execute exclusive designer collaborations and partnerships with the leading fashion designers — all to make high fashion attainable to the American woman — yet you ignore me. As plus size women, we are oft neglected, overlooked and always sized out of your collections.


I love to look fashionable, I love the mixing of high and low fashion, I drool at the latest Donna Karan runway collection, I HAVE AN EYE and HUNGER for fashion too! I also have money to spend as much as my straight sized sisters do.

I am not alone.

We, full figured, plus size, fa(t)shionistas love to look just as fabulous as our sisters, yet you neglect to even think of us in the equation. We fawn over the Zac Posen for Target, and strategically finagle through the cuts that could (kinda)pass on our curves; salaciously looking as each fantastic and highly coveted collaboration passes us along- due to you ignoring our thirst and hunger for fashion.


Do you not think we care, notice, or deserve it? It is bad enough your plus size collections (if that is what it is) are squished between the seven racks of maternity, next to the clearance racks, across from bathing suits; with only one rack to shop from- and I am not exaggerating.

So that you can hear us, and know that we are SERIOUS about our plea, today Friday, September 24, 2010 I, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, Patrice of Afrobella, and Sarah of Style It Online have come together with our followers and the fa(t)shionistas within the plus-size community to request, demand, and call for an inclusion of and/or special designer collaborations for the plus size fa(t)shionistas.

And we will show you how through our petition.

Today we launch our petition to show you we DO LOVE YOU, but you have to work with us, cater to us, and deliver to us the same exclusive designer collections as our straight size easily sashay into.


Marie Denee
The Curvy Fashionista


  1. I am a target lover as well and I made sure that I signed. I hope everything goes well with your family.

  2. Thanks for creating awareness. I'm certain curvy girls worldwide can relate.

  3. How do I get on board with this- it has been my pet peeve forever!!!!! If the average size of women in America is in fact a 14, this has never been factored into the Plus-Maternity-Misses/Juniors ratio in any Target I have ever been in. This includes ALL clothing, not just the 'International' designers. The ratio looks like this:
    Misses/Juniors 80%
    Maternity 10%
    Plus 10%

    The clothing in the back (plus) is your standard basics: A pair of jeans, maybe 1-2 tanks, 1-2 t-shirts, a polo, a coat/jacket and polyester dresses that make us (well, at least me) look like a sausage about to come loose of its casing. Meanwhile in the Shangri-La of the smaller sector, new designs abound bimonthly. New dresses in many (more flattering)designs, lots of cute jackets and blazers, and more than 1 option for each type of clothing. So many times have I passed these clothes and thought, "Oh, that's cute, I hope they have some back in the plus area", only to be sorely disappointed yet again. Yes, there are other places we could shop (i.e. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and consignment stores). But why are we being relegated, segregated and driven to OTHER stores to meet our clothing needs? Schools have been integrated since Brown vs. Board of Education, why can't the abundant among us shop side by side with our smaller sisters? My last words to Target: It just makes good business sense. Your revenue could be so much higher if you catered to more than just half of America. Here's a secret: Big girls make bank too. And we shop. Boy do we ever.

  4. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I send them letters like this on a regular basis. ALL of the cute dresses every other section has we have NOTHING. Target and I have a love hate relationship but I do not buy clothes there...since Im bigger than a 16 now.

  5. OMG I thought it was just me. Target has such cute stuff but none of it to fit my plus size frame.