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Outfit of the Day: Sailing

I remember one summer I was home visiting and my sister was dressed up in a nautical outfit and to crack on her and I kept singing "Saaaaiiiillllinnnng Takes me awaaayyy to where Im going." Well apparently those aren't even the right words, I looked them up.  Its, "Sailing, Take me away to where I always heard it could be.  Who knew? I like my words better, so I think Ill keep singing it my way.  Anyways, I decided to do a little casual look today in my kind of fair well to summer.   

<----- One of my sisters Casey, aka Bebe (like the movie Bebe's kids, enough said) 

I was cracking on her knowing full well that I love the nautical look, but she had to no proof and it was an easy crack.  I love an joke that is just too easy you have to do it.   Super casual is not my strong point, but I always give it the old college try when I do.  

(Ready, Ok!)

Excuse Sugarsnap she just insisted on being in all the pictures.  I tweeted a couple weeks back that the Avenue was having a clearance sale.  I have never been a fan of the Avenue, but just like any plus size line I try to give them a look.   Well, I actually bought like 5 pieces for less than $40.  Most of the pieces were sandals for next summer, but I did get these boyfriend slim leg jeans with cuff for $7.   I haven't bought jeans in forever, because the things are just so uncomfortable.  Surprisingly, these were very comfortable and cute.    My only complaint is that although I bought my size there was practically NO defined waist in the pantS.  I could literally slip them off without unbuttoning them.  I will definitely get the waist tailored in.  For a comfy pair of jeans for only $7 it is well worth it.  

On top, I have on the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target nautical top.  I know I paid under $24.  I love this top!  

I put on a pair of nautical style boat shoes (I guess thats what you call them) that I got from Target 3 plus years ago.  I rarely every wear these.  Something about white shoes reminds me of National Lampoons Family Vacation, where Clarks cousin gave him those terrible white shoes.   I may buy a pair of white shoes, but I usually punk on wearing them for that very reason.  

And if you thought I was gonna leave without giving you Christopher Cross' Sailing song...you are sadly mistaken


  1. I love your outfit! The top is beautfil, if it could have been a dress like that OMG!
    I like your flat shoes too!