Something Blue...

Sorry for the lack of posts...arrrgghhhh...I have a new job, a wedding to plan, and plus everything else I have lumped into my life.  I vowed that I would not turn this into a blog on my wedding, but everything that I am thinking about buying lately is wedding centered.  If I post too much on the wedding readers...just let me know and I bring it down a notch or two.

For my something blue I really wanted to go all out with a snazzy pair of shoes.  I pretty much have it narrowed down to the Manolo "Carrie" Shoes, which are at Neimans as we speak.  I am a little worried about the Manolos because they run really small.  I have tried them on in the store in a size 11 and that was no go.  Of all the Manolos I have ever tried on...I question are Manolos really for the big  On the Neimans site they have them in a 12, which I have never tried on, but I am still worried. 

The reason I want the shoes is becaue they just seem so magical to Dorothy's red shoes on the Wizard of Oz.  Since my dress won't be the huge expense as I expected it to be...I was leaning toward a fab pair of shoes.

On the other hand I was looking at the Kate Spade satin shoes, which are much cheaper...about $600 bucks cheaper.  On top of that they are way shorter in height and for someone who has knee issues that is a huge plus.  Plus they are super cute.  They aren't magical, but they will do the trick.
Why do you guys think?  I really just want to pick the perfect shoe. :)