Outfits of the Holiday: Way down to Kokomo

So if you have paid any attention to my tweets in the last month you may already know that I went to the Bahamas to celebrate my 30th birthday.  My birthday is actually on Oct. 17, but close enough.  Such a treat, although exciting, presented the resort-wear for the curvy girl issue.   While searching for things to wear I realized that it is really hard to find stylish resort-wear in plus sizes.   I managed to piece together and integrate some new pieces in with some old ones.  So this is what I came up with:

Please note:  The party that I went with all internetaphobes.  They don't like to posted on any website, so the pics are just of me and cropped out pieces of my friends.  

This swimsuit is from Newport News for around $50.  The sarong is from www.all-sarongs.com.  They actually carry plus-size sarongs.   For me this was great because my hip span sometimes has my sarong coming up short.

I picked up this maxi from AsosCurve for about $20.  I bought it a tad too big, but didn't have time to alter it before I left.  Apparently, this dress was hit.  Everyone really liked, even this random lady on the street cornered me, grabbed my arm, and was like "Where did you get that dress from?"  It was really kind of weird, at first I thought she was hitting on me.   She was all in my personal space...LOL. 

This dress is from Lane Bryant like 2 or 3 years ago.  Every so often LB does put out a really cute dress. I remember when I bought it I said to myself, "This would be great on vacation."  The thing about buying a dress from the one of the only major plus size retailers is the chance that someone will show up in the same place wearing your dress.  Rare finds like this I put up for a couple of years.  This was literally my second time wearing this dress.  I'm a little red from falling asleep in the sun, but it was the best nap I ever had.

Finally, this dress is from JIBRI.  Its been featured on my site before.  It gives off that nautical vibe.  I had this ugly little bag on.  It was really the only over the shoulder bag I could find last minute.  It was my ugly little companion the whole trip. 

A lot of the pieces were that I wore on the trip were pieces that I have had for a long time.  I couldn't really find anything new and exciting, but in the end I was happy with my looks.  Honestly, this was one time where comfort was my main priority.   I would love to know who you ladies look to for your resort-wear, so that I can have a better idea next time.