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What's In Your Purse Wednesdays: Breakfast with Tiffany from Fat Shopaholic

She loves floral, pinkberry, and Hello Kitty. She's fabulous! She's has one side of her hair shaved.  Who is this lady?  Why it is Tiffany from Fat Shopaholic.  She has graciously opted to participate in my new series, "What's in your purse Wednesdays." A series to help you guys to get to know the other fabulous bloggers on the scene by what is in their purse.  And how better to get to know someone, but through their purse.  The contents of our purse's can reveal some of the most intimate details of who we are.  Now I will let Tiffany tell you what is in her bag.

From Tiffany herself:  "So, this is my bag. It is actually a vintage floral duffel bag, with a leather piece sewed on to the bottom with studs attached made by Two String Jane. It's inspired by the Alexander Wang MIni Coco Studded Duffel Bag.  I was not always a bag person (I wore mostly book bags), but this has become a staple in my wardrobe. I love that it's so unique and no one else will have it."

This is my Nikon D3000. I got it for my birthday this past june. It's been in my bag on the regular since it landed in my arms. There have been so many summer events and people visiting me before school starts and of course I have to document my outfits and the fun happenings of my adventures. 

These are my new glasses from Zenni Optical. Right after I took this picture my brother broke them, but I ordered some more! Sometimes I deal with being a little blind so I can rock a cute pair of sunnies and throw my glasses in my bag.

My Kindle is a staple in whatever bag I'm carrying. I am a very heavy reader and love having this with me for those boring train rides. I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love and I have been for a while. I can't seem get into it. I think I may just power through it this weekend and call it a day.

Mina's Joint by Keisha Ervin is not available on Kindle, but it goes where ever I do. I used to read a lot of books about drug dealers and their girlfriends from like 8th - 10th grade. Most of those books I don't own anymore, but this one is sooooooooo good! I mean this book has a great plot, it's funny, the characters have a lot of life and are very well developed. I feel like the main characters boy friend just happens to sell drugs, so that it could get published by Triple Crown. I have read this 1,000 times; I highly recommend this!
This a compact mirror I scored from the Sonsi table at Chastity's A Curvy Girl's Guide to Style book signing during Full Figure Fashion Week.  It has not left my bag since. (From me:  I must attest that this is the most fabulous compact ever...I am with Tiffany---this has become a new must for my daily carryings in my purse.)

Because I was asked to cover some great summer events like Full Figure Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out which is kicking us into Fall I thought it would be a good idea to invest in business cards. After all it's lot easier for people to find you if they have something to remember you by.

Sometimes when I'm on a long train ride (like today) I just want to relax and I ditch all my jewelry, so I throw it in my bag. This a Dookie Bracelet by naKiMuli, a Hammered ring by Torrid, earrings from Re/Dress NYC, and a cocktail ring from Forever 21.

This is my Jimmy Choo for H&M Wallet! This has been the only wallet I have carried since I cut a class and waited in line for it and two other bags. At $50 and real leather it was a steal.

These are my keys. I mean of course they are in my bag; I can't into my apartment with out them!

This is my iPhone 3G. It goes where I go because I am a music nerd to the death.

Speaking of being a music nerd these are my Bose Quiet Comfort 3 head phones. Again they go where I go. These were a bit of an investment item, but if your itunes has 5,000 songs like mine I think it's a valid purchase.

Rose Bud Salve for those chapped lips.

A lighter because you never what cute girl will ask if you have a light!

I hope you enjoyed the visit from Tiffany, I know I sure did (in my Big Bird at Sesame Street Voice)!  Any other bloggers out there if you are interested in participating just email me at chastity@garnerstyle.com.  

And just for kicks...this is the new theme song for  What's in your bag Wednesdays.


  1. This chick seems really cool:)...p.s. I didn't know that Jimmy Choo partnered with H&M-good news for a fashion lover on a budget!

  2. I have a feature like this called BAGGIN on my blog. Don't you love doing these posts.

  3. This was a really enjoyable read, I can't wait to see who you feature next.

  4. YES! The mirror we gave away at our Sonsi FFFWeek table made it into Tiffany's bag - woohoo! What an awesome post for an awesome lady...

  5. i love this feature and tiffany is a great girl.

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