Outfit Post: Me & Kate Plus a Cape

Yesterday I went into TJMaxx to look for Christmas decor.  I went through the shoe department as I always do...not expecting to find anything.  I wear a shoe size 11 and any girl that is an 11 knows that in TJMaxx all they ever have in our size is the nurse shoes...literally.  As I am browsing through the shoes my eyes catch hold of the tips of black shoes with big red poofs on them.  I pick up the shoes slowly for that size 11 sign. EUREKA!  I look at the heel...2.5 inches in height (my knees can't take any higher)! Perfect!  Let's see who is made this bad boy.  Kate Spade...POW!  I try them on.  I think my feet just hit the pearly gates of feet heaven.  HALLELUJAH! How much for this piece of heaven?  $129.99, I think where there goes my Christmas decoration budget for this week....OH WELL!  Its so hard for me to find stylish shoes that I can walk in, so this was a no brainer.  

Now to the outfit:  The dress came from Banana Republic.  This dress is probably 5 years old.  I love it though, it still looks brand new, and it has pockets.  I LOVE POCKETS!  Anyways, the dress is very Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think it costs me around $150.   The dress has been on a hiatus because I have been able to zip it up.  But I lost a few pounds and finally got the zipper up again.  PHEW!!!

The caplet is from Jibri.  I got this years ago too.  I think its from like the 2nd or 3rd Collection Jibri did.  So I assume its probably 5 years old too.   And well you know about the shoes.  

Lastly, I will talk about the tights.  It has been getting chilly for a lot of people lately, including myself and the Dallas weather.  I've been getting a lot of questions about tights.  I got these from  the Avenue.  I bough them 2 for $10.  I usually buy tights from We Love Colors, but I decided to try out the Avenue's tights.  I really like them because they hold you in better than We Love Colors.   Both are great in terms of quality.  We Love Colors has a better selection of colors, but I just like the tightness of the tights at Avenue.    Avenue also has come great patterned tights.