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Whats in your Bag Wednesdays?

Fabulous as she is funky, Kellie is the blogger behind Fatshion Insider. I'll let her tell you a little about herself and the bag(s) she carries.  My tagline is “The Skinny of Fashion Beyond Sample Size” because I work as a fashion and entertainment publicist and being a big girl in a size 0 world certainly does have it’s challenges! My PR company is called NYLA PR and past and present I’ve done PR for many entertainment entities and plus fashion brands including plus size brands Avenue, One Stop Plus and Ashley Stewart.  

I have a serious, serious love of handbags. I was so excited to do this piece but soon realized there was NO WAY that I could pick one bag to feature.  So here’s a look at what was hanging in on my closet door and a few that have been in recent rotation.
On the door:
Louis Vuitton, Foley + Corina, Marc Jacobs, Pa-tou-tou, Marc Jacobs (On the handle Louis Vuitton, Cynthia Rowely)
On the floor:
(top) Antoinette Lee, Tosca Blu, Marc Jacobs, (bottom) Prada, Balenciaga, Rickard Shah, Golden Bleu

I love a classic beautiful bag but much like everything I own it has to have a cool twist. Cool hardware, bright colors, interesting shapes *swoon* I’m a publicist by trade so all of my bags do require a degree of function…usually schlepping a ton of stuff, travel often and they need to fit my mini laptop. Although big bags are preferred, bags that can transition from day to night are great too. Carrying around a huge bag at an event does kind of stink!

YSL makeup case which came in the most amazing gift bag from an event I attended last year I always have a slick pair of shades – these are Dior Emercen-C – I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I swear by this stuff. So many strangers sneezing around you in the city (yuck!) Advil – This little bottle actually has an assortment of allergy and pain meds…I know I’m weird haha

Louis Vuitton Key holder, The Sony Cybershot camera comes everywhere with me, My beloved blackberry is never more than arms reach away…Crackberry addict and totally fine with that!  I got this adorable water bottle from Marshalls for like $5, best investment! Makes me drink water all day long and reduces my carbon foot print


  1. I love that LV bag! And I can completely empathize with you on the hand sanitizer!

  2. I love peeking into people's bags/rooms/houses. Heehee... THanks for sharing!

  3. what you need is a Mini Backpack to organize all your stuff

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