Dancing Queen - Spring 2011 Trends

70s Glamour is running rampant through the designer collections for this Spring.  My favorite glamour goddesses of that era would have to be Diana Ross as Tracey in Mahagony & Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.  Both effortlessly displaying glamour, poise, and the side boob...lol.  Although I may be leaving out the side boob (b/c I wasn't blessed with great side boob), I want to draw my inspiration from these ladies.for the upcoming season

So every year I love looking up the trend report to see what will be on trend for the upcoming season.  For the month of January I want to do reports on the trends of the upcoming season and where you can find fabulous curvy women's clothing.  I would like to tip my hat off to the U.K., because their curvy women's clothing retailers are right on trend with mainstream.  It seems like it takes a year for the American plus retailers to catch up, but it used to be like 2 or 3 years so it is getting better.  I put together a few wish list pieces for Spring.  You guys know I get Spring fever early.   Anways I found a lot of cute pieces "on trend" at Very.

1.  70s Paisley Maxi Dress
2.  Waterfall Sleeve Waisted Top
3.  French Connection Gold & Black Triple Row Box Chain
4.  Two Tone Layered Stone Cocktail Ring
5.  Retro Trench
6.  Pleated Jumpsuit
7.  Print Strapless Dress

Quick Question:  I really love wearing rings, but since I got my engagement ring that is the only ring I have been wearing.  Does anyone know the etiquette on wearing rings with or besides your engagement ring?.  I have googled it and come up with nothing.  Or I would like to know what some of you other ladies that are married/engaged do when it comes to wearing your statement jewelry?