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Golden Globes & New Hair for 2011?

So I have been growing my hair out for my wedding.  Just so that whatever style I get I can do something fantastic with it.  But with the growing out of my it seems hard to keep a style that is sassy like many of the short cuts that I see around.  With any great outfit, you need great hair to top it off and hair that you can keep on a day to day basis.  I am, personally, trying to figure out the hair I will have pre-wedding (to save length), during the wedding, and after the wedding (can you say HAIRCUT!).  I thought this would be a great segway in the 2011 hairstyles and the trends for the upcoming year.   

First I wanted to look at the Golden Globes.  They had a lot of fabulous 2011 hairstyles on the red carpet. 

Now you know ever since I found my clip on bangs I haven't been the same.  I really love the bangs look because it can take you from day to evening.  I am thinking this will be my go to hair because it is so darn easy. I really like Amber Riley's hair --- I hope to try that look.  I plan to buy another bang and have them cut professionally. 

(A reader actually took my picture and did a little editing --- doesn't it look fab!  Visit him at!/profile.php?id=1141781894 - Martin)

You can never go wrong with the classic french twist.  Its classy, sophisticated, and weather resistant.  It's one of those hairstyles, in which you can always keep your hairs in place.

Another vintage great!  I love the soft waves.  I really want to work on getting my vintage waves down.  I'm thinking  my hair for my wedding will be something like this. 

I may work this style with my bangs. I may also get a ponytail from Jessica Simpson too.  I know I don't usually talk about hair, but the Golden Globe hair was so pretty. 

Sidenote:  I was so excited to see Jennifer Lopez back to her glamourous self! 

I really love this style for a day to day.  Its wash and wear for me.  But I need to go to a salon and see if they can teach me how to shape my fro (to keep it round) and how to keep it from getting knotted up.  It can be a nightmare to comb out. 

I love this cut on the character "Anna" from "V."  This is my fantasy cut.  I know Halle has been wearing this for years, but I feel like "Anna" just gave this do even more life.   I think you have a really good bone structure to rock this cut.

Lastly,  I am thinking of going with this look for my wedding.  It has the vintage wave.  Now Rihanna hasn't been on the top of my list with hair since the KoolAid Red hair, but I really love this hair.  It looks so pretty and I think would be great for a wedding.  What do you guys think about this hair on me for the wedding?  What new hairstyles do you have for 2011?


  1. yeah rih rihs kool aid hair is a little wild...i kinda like it and i kinda dont..i miss the short pixie look

  2. I love your hair!!! Its very flattering on you and really brings the attention to your eyes.

  3. I'm all for you trying out Amber Riley's hair. She looked beautiful and certainly had a lovely mop of well styled hair to go with! I feel that it might suit you too!

  4. Damn i loved your creation and the way you expressed it....loved it...

  5. The Rhianna hair would be perfect wedding hair! And it would compliment your gorgeous face!

  6. rihanna looks like romy schneider in "sissi" :o <3