Outfit of the Day Kinda: Randomness and more Randomness

So I don't know if you can really call this an outfit of the day because everything is really random that I have on (even my crazy hair), but I just had one of those random night so I thought I would share.  Honestly, I just started trying on stuff I bought when I got home.  

The hair is experimental --- honestly its just my hair combed out and frizzy with the Jessica Simpson bangs on top.  I've seen this hair style done before in more of an editorial kind of way, but what the hay I figured I'd try.  I tell you one thing, my ears sure are warm.  I would love your honest opinion about the hair, I, personally, think it is cute, but I wonder if I went one stop too far.  It is just too much of a contrast of hair types --- meaning straight bangs and what looks to be a curly/frizzy blow out.  

Second, I would like to talk about my purchases.  I went to a vendor event and picked up this jacket for $10 (it was sample so that it explains why the portion on the inside seems to be unraveling -- see below). Samples are not always in the best of shape, but I will fix the little seam issue.  Other than that the jacket was kind of perfect.  The jacket was by Simply Original Design.  I think it was just one of those random fabulous finds.  

Then, "old happy day." my wonderful sister gave me this MAC Lipstick for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!! The color is Saint Germain and it makes me want to click my heels and sing "These are few of my favorite things."

Quick tidbit:  This is actually my first MAC lipstick.  I have used the eye shadows for years, but until a year ago I just got back into the lipsticks.  Can I just tell you that lipstick is so glorious!!! It is so pigmented.  I have been buying the supermarket lipsticks from CoverGirl, Loreal, etc, but none have been as deep in color as this one.  If there is one time where you should buy the more expensive version of something this is definitely that time.  Go MAC Go!

Then at the same place I picked up this hand-knitted scarf for $1.  It's nice and warm, but I didn't pick up the lady's information that sold them.   All of this is really random...right?  Anyways, thats what I got for today.