Outfit of the Day: Plus Academy Dallas

So this weekend I attended PA Dallas as a guest.  It was really nice to see how the academy worked since I have heard so much buzz about the project.  In attendance was Ms. Gwen Devoe (CEO of FFF Week), Ms. Sharon Quinn, and Tiffany from PA Charlotte.  Needless to say I had an great time.  And the venue was decorated so chicly (I think I just made up a word).  Chandra, Director of PA Dallas, did a beautiful job as hostess and Director of the program.   

Here the rundown on Plus Academy:  Its a 8 semester of courses such as:  Runway Walking, Posing, Skincare, Make-Up Applications, Style, Foundations, Hair Care, the Business of Modeling (Accounting), Health and Wellness, Plus Modeling 101 and much more.   They really go in depth on the every aspect of modeling.  I, personally, thought the courses were also  great for women working towards personal improvement.  There are Plus Academy's in Charlotte, Dallas, NYC, Little Rock, San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, Virginia, the Bahamas, and locations are getting added all the time. 

(I definitely did not mean to match the event colors...lol.)

The event was during the day, so I decided to go with chic casual daytime look.  I wore leggings from Speigal's Shape Fx collection.   Underneath I wore my new leggings foundation from Avenue that is ridiculously fabulous (and only $14).   It serves two purposes:  keeping me smooth and warm.  My top is from AbbyZ (right before they closed their doors, org. $200 I got it for $50).  I have had this shirt FOOOOORRRREEEVVVER at least three years. I got so many compliments on the shirt (thanks guys).   I have on my Lane Bryant blazer that I bought last year.   The belt is from Club Monaco.  

My shoes came from Evans in purple suede.  Please note -- Evans shoes run about a 1/2 size bigger and very wide.   I should have ordered one size down.  

Tiffany from Plus Academy Charlotte & Ms. Sharon Quinn both looked fabulous at the event.  Tiffany even shared the details of  her outfit with me.  
Blazer & Skirt - Thrifted
Top - OldNavy

If you like this post, stay tuned.  As pictures from the event circulate I hope to add more.  

Tiffany, me, and National Director, Gwen Devoe

Pretty Cupcakes!

Chandra, the director of PA Dallas