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DFW Blogger Meetup

I attended the DFW Blogger meetup coordinated and hosted by Kileen of Cute & Little (which is like the perfect way to describe her).  I guess you might say this is my first real blogger meetup.   I literally did not know anyone, which was the best part.  I was so excited to meet such a wonderful group of fabulous ladies.  Everyone had their own style, but they were definitely all flawless and fabulous.  Most of the attendees were fashion and lifestyle blogs with sprinkles of celebrity blogging. 

Pictured with Irene from Pink Hearted Princess

Here is my outfit for the DFW Bloggers Day: 

JIBRI leopard skirt - $70 (sorry guys print no longer available, but I plan on getting one in blk)
Kenley Collins silk top (remember the Project Runway designer) - $12 orginally $200 from Boutique Larrieux
Talbots Purple Cardigan - Thrifted - $25 I think...
French Connection Suede Pink Belt - $24
ShoeDazzle Nude Flats (you'll see in the other pics) - $39
Banana Republic Silk Scarf  - $18

We dined at Cibus in North Park Mall.  I only had the water because I came in late.  I had a lost wallet situation.  I found it, but I rather not explain my "airhead" moment.

In order from left to right:  Angga from Reserverade Fashion, Ivonne from Ivonne Stacy Style, Eliss from Dress with Courage, and fellow fatshion blogger, Tina from TminusTplus

Stephanie from Beauty & Gardens, Jessica from Splediferious Inclinations, PV from FabFashFinds, Tasha from Imperfect Concepts, Charis from MizzScoop, LaMirica from Fashionably L8, Katy from Be Pretty Think Pretty,  Jen from Blank White Friends 

The hostess, Kileen, from Cute & Little

The second half of the day was spent at the Dior make up counter in Dillards.  The day included a complimentary makeover and a $25 giftcard with Dior purchase.  The ladies of Dior where super nice and accommodating.  I honestly didn't even know Dior had a makeup and skin care line suprisingly enough.  Theh ladies were so thorough and gave great information on the skincare and makeup line. 

I personally purchased the Dior Diorskin AirFlash for $60.  I have pretty nice skin, but I wanted to have a foundation that my blush and eyeshadow can adhere to.  I must say this product is wonderful.  It acts as a foundation and has good coverage, (some of the girls had rosiness in their faces and it covered it up), its light and airy, and is easy to put on.   You can either spray it on or spray it on your brush (its takes no longer than 10 secs to put on).    I was also really impressed with the Skin Boosting Super Serum which retails for $95.  I brought back some samples to try to see how it works after a few days to see how it works before I buy.  Keep posted I hope to do a post on these products.  I was just impressed by the whole Dior line. 


  1. I'm follower number 700!! :D Can't wait until the next meet up!

  2. @Stephanie...Thank you!!! I cant wait either!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all!!! I love the Dior skincare line and seriously that serum is worth its weight in PLATINUM and lasts a long time since you don't need a lot. I use it as a spot treatment in the winter b/c I suffer from dry skin in a few areas of my face during the cold months!!


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  6. I would have loved to have been to that meeting. Do you think such bloggers are popular on the Twitch platform or not? Would it be easy to get views on their live shows?

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