Outfit of the Day: A lot of Happy with a touch of Denim

The weather was so nice today I was under the illusion that it is spring already.  There was a cool breeze in the air...I wish I had a kite to fly.  Anyways, I was too excited to throw on my "happy skirt" from JIBRI.   I purchased this skirt about 3 years ago.  I think I paid like $80 for it because it was a sample.  I thought it would be cool to pair it with a denim jacket that I had when I was in undergrad.  I think this jacket is at least 8 years old and it came from Lane Bryant.   I used to buy a lot of denim jackets from LB, they always fit me well and generally were very cute in design.  The jacket probably cost me $40.  I thought the combo of the my happy skirt and the denim would give my outfit the look of "Yes I am happy it has warmed up, but I do know it's February."  The scarf you see was gifted to me from the teachers I used to coordinate.  It was a going away present from Liz Claiborne.  

I wore my new all time favorite t-shirt from Target.  I really want to talk to you about this t-shirt.  I have been meaning to blog on the v-neck t-shirt from Target.  It's a whole $10.   It is probably the best plus size casual t shirt I have ever purchased.

I have a horrible time finding jeans and t-shirts.   T-shirts for plus size have a number of things that can go wrong.  They can be too short, have too much stretch (and roll up), the sleeves can be too long....the list just goes on and freakin' on.  Target, for the low price of $10, has solved all my (and maybe your) t-shirt woes.  The shirt is 100% cotton and has not spandex.  I have large hips and when a t-shirt has spandex in it tends to roll up on me.  The top is long enough to flatter my body type and the sleeves are capped giving it that girly flair.   It is super comfortable , but can easily go from day to night with a blazer or a tucked into a high waist skirt.    

I have this t-shirt in black, white, and gray and I must say it is the best $10 I have spent.  I am sorry for going on and on about my t-shirt, but if you have t-shirt woes this tee will probably work for you.  It is one of Target's best kept secrets in my opinion.  (Please excuse the lumps under my t-shirt --- I have on a few layers, but I wanted to give you a full length pic of the top.)

Lastly, I wore these denim flats with zipper detail.  These are a Target special also.   They cost me $25.  I thought these were super cute.

In this post I brought out a few pieces that I have had for some years.  Tell me about your favorite classic pieces and how long they have lasted you.