Outfit of the Day: Molly Ringwald + James Spader = Me

So one of my favorite movies is Pretty in Pink.  My favorite characters were, of course, Molly Ringwald as Andy and James Spader as Stef.  Stef was totally gorgeous, but was just a horrible human being.  He had the feathered bangs, the linen suit, and swag...LOL.  Hats off to the actor for making me love him and hate him at the same time.  You may remember Stef was trying to get with Andy and she totally rejected him.  But what if Stef and Andy's style got busy...  I know this is so random. But today's outfit was inspired by Andy & Stef.  I think if their styles had a baby it would look something like this outfit.  Or in the modern term Stefandy (in the tradition of Bennifer & Brangelina).  

Outfit Logistics

Clutch - DIY Raven $32
Jacket - Jessica London $25 w/ 50% off w/ code JLE4473  
(I took it in a little to give the waist more definition, but I think I need to take it in a little more)
Shoes - Ninewest $41 (Mine are sold out, but I attached a similar) 
Disclaimer - I must admit I was a lot more in love with these shoes before I saw the the picture of my extra long feet in them...they make my feet look 8 miles long -- I probably should have re-thought this purchase
Earrings - Forever21 $6 
Dress - Asos sold out, remember this dress from last summer (I can wear it both long & short)

While I was putting this together I had the theme song of the movie in my head and for some reason it's still stuck in my head.  I've tried to satisfy my need to watch the movie, but I can't find my DVD...ugh.  Anyways, in case you need to satisfy your need to hear the song I pulled up Psychedelic Furs with Pretty in Pink on youtube. 

In my head my outfit says Andy & Stef.  What do you think?