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In the Navy Now!

I think it may be a navy blue summer.  I keep finding myself buying navy blue.  I am so attracted to this color this year.  Last week I purchased a navy blue and white retro bikini as well.  I'm crossing my fingers that the swimsuit works out. Someone please kindly tell me to stop if it just gets ridiculous.  I usually have this issue with leopard prints, but I guess I've graduated to navy blue.   Anyways, this Saturday Elissa from Dress with Courage put together a meetup for the DFW Bloggers.   The day started at Ann Taylor Loft.  They actually opened the store up 1 hour early for us to shop with 40% off.  I am a fan of the Ann Taylor brand, but I did kindly leave my store card at home...Im trying to learn restraint.  I picked up a couple of pieces. 

Outfit Logistics

Top - Isaac Mizrahi for Target ~ This was actually a DIY Project.  This top was a dress that was too I cut the bottom and made it a top.
Skirt - JIBRI $110
Belt - Forever 21 $3
Purse -
Ditto Boutique $60
Shoes - Ann Taylor (last summers)
Scarf - from 10 years ago...really

It was nice to see the girls again and to meet some new faces as well like Nekiah from the blog "From the Rez to the City."  She definitey has a unique point of view.   

Stephanie from Beauty & Gardens, Jessica from Splediferious Inclinations, Tasha from Imperfect Concepts, Charis from MizzScoop, Katy from Be Pretty Think Pretty, Tina from TMinusTPlus, Nekiah from Rez and the City, Julie from Rosy + Tart, Juanette from Fashionette Work

After the shopping we participating in bottomless Mimosas (Drink Responsibly) at the Lemon Bar in West Village.  It's a swanky little place.  I recommend the Garlic Shrimp. 

Summer is bringing back all those fabulous colors have been in hibernation.  What colors can you not stay away from this Spring/Summer?  Also, the DFW bloggers meetup is definitely open to all DFW bloggers email me if you would like to get more information. 


  1. I love that denim dress and the blue belt! You have such a petite waist line very cute! I'm glad everyone had a ball! <3

    xoxo daisy,

  2. I love this!! I really like navy blue, and I love that your top was a DIY! I have an Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress that I can't fit up top anymore that I want to turn into a skirt. This looks like a lot of fun; we need to do one in Houston!

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  4. It was so nice to meet you. I can't believe I ran into you again the very next day! lol Hope the fashion event was all that you hoped for! You are so cute! Kiah

  5. I had a BLAST! And I LOVED the navy on ya chica!

  6. Thanks Kiah! It was nice meeting you as well. Yes, that was a coincidence, but not really b/c I frequent chipotle about 3 days a week..LOL

  7. I thought that was a dress!! Very nicely done... Lucky you that you could fit in some of Anne Taylors stuff. Don't they only go up to a size 16? I wouldn't have been able to get anything anyway. Great way to network, I wish they would have a DMV blogger meet up, that would be fabulous... Again, adorable outfit!!!

  8. @Literal Gemini, Ann Taylor goes up to 18 and XXL, albeit online. I've got several dresses and tops in that size.