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Outfit of the Day: The Sound of Music

Maybe I'm into movies these days.  I seem to find inspiration from some of my favorite movies of all time.  I evoked my inner milk maid (inspired from The Sound of Music) for this look.  I was invited to a fashion show that was to help raise money for Hugging Hearts an non-for-profit organization geared to educate and promote awareness of HIV AIDS and other STDS to the age group 12 -18 for those whom has either been infected, affected or in risk of being infected by the disease.  As I do love to dress up, I thought this would be a great time to try out my new silk dress from JIBRI while trying a new updo...all while supporting a great cause.  This hair style was super easy.  I just parted my hair into two sides, braided each side and pinned them in place. I added my Jessica Simpson bangs to bring the look together.  

Outfit Logistics

Dress - JIBRI $240
Shoes - ALDO $80
Necklace - Liz Claiborne (super old)
I thought between the dress and the braids I should keep it simple. 

I think next time I try this hairstyle, I will try to do the style a little messier like Zoe Saldana & Sienna Miller below.  Their braids are so pretty.

Braided hairstyles are very on-trend for this year.  When my fiance saw this hairstyle I can't say that he liked it.  I think after seeing me dressed the hairstyle grew on him.  I actually questioned whether the hairstyle was for me, but I really liked it after I stared at myself for about 30 minutes.  It also was great way to keep my hair nice and neat.  Sometimes trends can be 'iffy' on whether they can work for you or not.   What other 'iffy' trends do you want to try this year, but maybe are a little scared to try?  


  1. I love the hair! Those bangs look awesome too! I heart the whole look!

  2. Beautiful outfit! I am also having a serious moment of jealousy over your closet! :)

  3. You look so pretty in green! Beautiful bangs, I might try them out myself! You should so do a hair tutorial <33 Amazing closet, btw!



  4. I just adore the hair, the dress... all of it! You're so beautiful!


  5. this look is amazing, I love it!!!

    ♥ Ylenia
    from longuette

  6. The whole outfit is really cute! Funny enough, I picked up those same shoes the other day at Aldo the other day thinking they were too cute!


  7. U r always so diva! U definitely inspire me to think outside of the box. Normally I am a print type of gal but your solids make me want to aspire beyond my graphics. Love it!
    S Nicole

  8. love the braid- cute look! :)

  9. jumpsuits and Bermuda shorts I love on other people but not too sure I can pull it off...or should try.

  10. I got to tell y'all that I saw this look in person and she looked PHENOM!!! Seriously! So glad that you went and supported the cause girl. I also have those Jessica Simpson bangs...LOVES EM! They are super easy and super comfy too....now why couldn't I think of that? haha Kiah

  11. WHATHAWORLD!!!! WHO knew you could get some dang Jessica Simpson already braided hair! And I'm kicking myself because I don't know how to braid!

    You think they got nappy braided hair for me?

    I have learned something new today, that is so cute and I love the outfit!

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