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Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss...What Happens When the Zipper Breaks 5.27.11

Hi ladies! With my own crazy wedding plans and upcoming bachelorette weekend in Vegas I haven’t had the time to post. I am, however, excited to share with you pictures from the bachelorette weekend! Now on to this week’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss.

Public Service Announcement: We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to let you know this: Planning a wedding and finding that special dress is especially stressful. If you are a friend chosen to help the bride find her dream dress, remember that wedding related activities are about the BRIDE. During this episode, I heard a lot of “I wants” from people other than the bride. Your opinion is appreciated, but there is a fine line between giving your opinion and imposing your reign of tyranny. Now on to the regular scheduled programming.

Girls, Girls, Girls

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus size wedding dress
Jasmine wants to please the whole group, but claims that she'll go against her ladies.

Spicy Jasmine wants to find a gown that her fianc√© as well as her family will love. She actually finds a beautiful gown that had a major snafu while she tried on the gown. I felt so bad for Jasmine. The zipper actually broke on one of the dresses she was trying on. GASP! No one wants to break a zipper on the dress, especially a plus size girl. Here are a few coping techniques for such an event: 1. It happens, even to the skinny girls. 2. Most bridal shops have seamstress on staff that can easily fix the dress. 3. It’s a sample, and will have wear and tear from the many try-ons. 4. And finally, the dress attendant broke it, not you. She knew she should have stopped and clamped it instead, but she just kept on going…LOL ;).

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus size wedding dress
Sam's goal is to find a gown that she loves, and one that all of the sorority sisters will agree on.

Beautiful Sam brought four of her best sorority sisters to help her to pick a wedding dress. With a group of women this large there is bound to be at least one member that is going to have a strong opinion. Friend, Leslie, was that girl. Whether the really opinionated friend is right is usually a tossup, but I must admit, Leslie was dead-on with her assessments. The way the back of the dress fits and looks is just as important as the way the dress looks in the front. While you are at the altar everyone will literally be staring at your back. The first dress Jasmine tried on was extremely beautiful in the front, but the back left much to be desired. It made her butt look really long, square, and flat. No one wants the pancake booty on their wedding day. When thinking of how your butt should look, think “lovely lady lumps”, and that goes for anyone regardless of body type. The derri√®re should look more round and curvy, which can be accomplished by trying on different silhouettes and finding one that works for your body type.

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus size wedding dress
Jeanine is worried her friend Stephanie may have a panic attack.

Jeanine was super nervous about not fitting into her dress. She confessed that she had been dieting, as most brides do. (I am only down a lousy 10 pounds). Tip: It is wise to buy your dress 9 – 12 months in advance, so that you can allow time for the dress to be made, shipped, and tailored. Now, you are probably thinking “that gives me 9 – 12 months to lose weight, right, so should I purchase the dress in the size I think I might be?” WRONG! Purchase the dress in your current size and have your bridal shop tailor down your dress to your current measurement. It is always easier to go smaller than to go bigger. Attaching yourself to a size, meaning the actually numerical digit, can get you into trouble. Thinking, “I have to order a dress in a size ___,” can leave you with an ill-fitted dress. Instead, order a dress that fits the largest part of your body and have it tailored down.

BONUS TIP: As you may or may not know, a lot of bridal gowns can be made to accommodate up to a size 30. As you are planning your budget please note the upcharge on plus size gowns. Because of the extra fabric you could possibly be looking at paying an additional $200 - $500. So remember to factor in amount for the additional sizing surcharge.

I love that this episode focused on more than the fit of the dresses. It focused on friendship, bridal dieting, and dealing with the feeling of a close friend getting married. Join me every Tuesday for a recap of the week’s episode. Catch Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss on Fridays at 9/8 c.

And finally, a lot of brides go on diets, I would love to read comments about diet plans that worked for you while preparing to be a bride. I need help!


  1. I love Sam's "said yes" dress!

  2. Regarding fitness tips: Beachbody has a wide array of nutrition and fitness programs to help you achieve your goals. I'm currently doing a program to get in shape for my wedding next year, so I can help you stay motivated and on track because we are doing the same thing! If you email me and let me know your fitness goals I can help you choose a path that's right for you:

  3. I should start planning my wedding but I am procastinating for the dress (=too much stress).
    no, dont want to think about that...yet

    ♥ Ylenia
    from longuette

  4. I love Sam's dress ...gorgeous!!!! And you know what I didn't diet for the dress..this was my philosophy at the time..he asked me to marry me as let the dress out. I of course there was no real pressure.

  5. I am getting married in just under a year now and rather than any focused dieting or whatever I am making just more conscious choices of not snacking or eating more greens, less fatty foods. And also trying to walk a bit more each day and lift some weights. I hope to lose maybe 30 lbs before the wedding, but I will order the dress in the size I am when I order it because I have a horrible track record with diets haha.

  6. I'm curious if TLC told the ladies during filming that they'd be on a different kind of episode. I kind of get why they started the Big Bliss eps, but I'm be a little offended if I agreed to be on what I thought was a normal episode and ended up on something else. Just me?

  7. Hi! This is jasmine (bride featured on syttd). So here's a fun fact about kleinfelds and tlc - theyy are sneaky people. That dress that they made look like I broke was actually ALREADY broken. They advised me ahead of time that it was defective but the only one in that style they had so I decided to still try it. And then watching the episode and seeing what they did - trust me I gave them a piece of my mind.

    And aftter putting deposit on that same dress, they called me 2 weeks later to say they mismeasured mee and the dress does not come in the size we ordered.

    Btw, for anyone wondering I did know it was the big bliss episode that's why I applied :)

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