Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss...What a Girl Wants?


Does Size Matter?

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus Size Wedding Dress
 Camille and Randy face the challenge of finding Katy a dress that will both fit and flatter.

Katy definitely had very definitive ideas on what was going to look good on her body type and what would not. It is always good for a bride to know what looks good on her body type and what does not. This will give your bridal consultant at least an idea of what silhouettes to try and get you headed in the right direction.

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus Size Wedding Dress
 Misty is looking for a gown that will make her feel beautiful for the first time in her life.

Doubtful Misty was sure that she would not be able to fit into any of the samples at Kleinfeld, but much to her surprise she was able to try on gown after gown. Curvy brides: I encourage you to do your research while searching for that perfect wedding dress. A lot of bridal salons are starting to carry larger sample sizes and can offer you the same experience that they offer to their smaller sized brides. It’s up to you to do your research and call around to see who can accommodate your curves!

TLC, Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss, Plus Size Wedding Dress
With a forty-six G cup, voluptuous bride Niema visits alterations.

Niema is definitely a woman who knows what she wants. Niema’s story was definitely a great lesson in making sure your dress is 100% to your liking. Niema bought a $4000 dress, but then made extensive alterations to the dress. The seamstress constructed sleeves, so that she could give Niema’s bust the support the bride needed. Niema also wanted to make sure the shape of the dress flattered her. She instructed the seamstress to change the shape of the bottom of the dress into a more form fitting silhouette. With all the alterations this dress carried the price tag of $12,000. The lesson here is: You can definitely do significant alterations to your bridal gown, but it’s going to cost you!

Speaking of alterations, does anyone have extensive alterations done to their gown like Niema?