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Neiman Marcus has got me in the mood....

Its been one of those 100 degree weather week in Dallas, but Neiman Marcus has got me think of cool fall weather.  Every summer I get the same feeling.  I'm ready for change and new inspiration for the season upcoming Fall season.  Neiman Marcus put out their trend report and I have been inspired by many of the pieces and I have composed my own personal mood board and pieces that will inspire my fall purchases. 

Neiman Marcus,  Gucci, Donna Karen, Oscar De la Renta
Oscar de la Renta Tie Waist Leather Full Skirt - $2690, Gucci Fur Scarf - $2600, Donna Karen Shearling Draped Cuffs - $595

LEATHER - I love this high waist flare skirt in leather.  With leather I would be afraid of getting hot and I am even more afraid of perspiration that might accompany wearing such a material. The flare structure of the skirt actually give breathe-ability to the material, so this is definitely a piece that I will be keeping my eyes peeled for.

FUR - It's so pretty and soft, but it my conscious says NO!   Besides a fashion lover, I am also a animal lover.  I have a rescue dog that is special needs...she pretty much doesn't walk in a straight line.   So what does one do when all she wants is to drape herself is a fur stole or a luxurious muff.  There is always the option of faux fur, but generally is looks cheap and as we discussed before...even if something was cheap in price it should not look cheap.  My solution is buying vintage or thrifted fur.  In my mind, I feel like I am not contributing to the supply and demand and an animal didn't die for me.  They died for somebody else.  I'm not sure if that logic makes sense...but it does to me. 

Other noteworthy trends are COLORBLOCKING, LACE, HANDHELD BAGS, GOLD.  On the top of my list of things to add to my fall/winter wardrobe are lace & fur.  I have been looking for the perfect lace piece for a few years now, so the search continues.  

What do you want this fall?

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  1. I am gearing towards leather and gold for the fall. I was never a fan of fur. I love my handbags big.