Outfit of the Day: In my B-Boy Stance

A little leopard anyone?  I ran out to dinner with my fiance and decided that I was feeling my inner lioness.  I have worn this skirt 1000 times, but I think it poses a great lesson in buying a timeless piece that you can wear every year, season to season.  Anywho,  I was trotting off to get my favorite fish tacos from Rockfish.                                      

Outfit Logistics

Skirt - JIBRI similar 
ShoeDazzle - Nude Pumps $39.95
Lipstick - Mac - Girl About Town  $14.95
Necklace - Archive Vintage (here is Dallas) $25 - Its the most amazing vintage shop I have ever been too ---it's like a museum...a fashion museum.
Watch - Michael  Kors $180
Bag - Kate Spade $135

I think I am starting to get spoiled with ShoeDazzle.  I got the most perfect nude pumps from them.  I usually like to stick to certain rules when buying cheap shoes and thought I would share with you ladies, since I have apparently being riding the ShoeDazzle train frequently.  .  

If your shoes are cheap, they shouldn't look cheap.  The key to buying cheap shoes is good taste.   If I go for a shoe that is supposed to be leather, faux patent leather is the safest and looks almost identical to real patent leather.  The next in line is faux suede.  I think faux suede looks cheap, but looks like real leather from a distance and because people aren't going to have their eyeball that close to your shoes it is still "getawayable."  Faux smooth leather is just awful.  I can spot them from a mile away and so can everyone else.  

Keep it simple. The shoes that look terrible are the elaborately designed shoes made out of substandard material.  The insane shoe is usually a knock-off and for the most part those look terribly cheap.  Go for a simple design.  

Stay away from the rhinestones.  In 2011, I still see people wearing shoes with rhinestones......WHY!?!?! If you just have to have some sparkle try glitter shoes instead.  

Canvas is consistent.  Shoes made out of canvas, expensive or not, almost never looks cheap. 

Get your cheap shoes repaired.  I see it all the time...the girl in the shoes that have (GASP!) turned over. I think I am starting to get spoiled with ShoeDazzle.  It doesn't matter how much your shoes cost if you love them get them repaired.  I usually get my shoes re-heeled and re-soled.  It's actually amazing to what shoe repair guy can fix.  Your shoes should never do the gangster lean.  

Don't over wear your cheap shoes.   Just like cheap clothes....your shoes can lose their luster and can quickly look run over.    Wear them sparingly.  

Get your size!  I have seen girls in Christian Louboutin with their toes hanging over the shoe and it makes the shoes look horrible and cheap.  Get your toes off the ground by purchasing your correct size.  If they don't have your size then that means you don't purchase.   Your feet will thank you.  

Any "cheap shoes" buying tips that you would like to share?