Outfit of the Day: Splashing around

Plus size swimwear, Walmart, Turban
I finally found my second swimsuit of the season through the suggestion of Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes.  She was looking for a retro swimsuit and told me that she got hers from Wal-Mart.  I decided to pick up one as well.   I am always looking for ways to spruce up my one pieces since they can plain and boring.  The linen blazer was a great way to to stylishly cover up up your swimsuit.   Linen is a great summer fabric and I have thrown it over just about everything.  And don't worry about how easily linen wrinkles...to me adds to the charm of the fabric.  This blazer has probably been my most favorite and most worn items of the summer.   I had the it taken in a bit on the sides to try to give it a little more shape, but overall it looks great with just about anything.  The turban is a great substitute for the swim cap, but I wouldn't swim in it.  It does give a sophisticated look and it can stylishly cover up any bad hair days.  

Outfit Logistics
Swimsuit - Walmart $32 (sold out) Similar suit from Target
Turban - Asos $11
Blazer - One Stop Plus - $30 (on sale)
Lipstick - MAC Girl about Town $14.50

Plus size swimwear, Walmart, Turban

Plus size swimwear, Walmart, Turban

On this particular swimsuit you have the option of tucking the straps and making it strapless.  For bust challenged ladies like myself, the straps can actually add a little extra boobage...LOL.  Another plus of the swimsuit was that the rushing skirt portion was only in the front.   When you are hippy attached swimsuit skirt tend to ride up, this particular couldn't ride up because of the design.  

Now one might ask, "do you really wear all those clothes when you go swimming?" Sadly, I do...ask my nieces and nephews.  We went to the beach recently.  I am a woman that loves to go overboard...LOL. Anyways, did anyone else have any great swimwear accessory finds this season?