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The Honeymooners

I thought I would share a few pictures from the honeymoon.  There isn't any fashion pics because a lot of the things we did involved a swimsuit and clothes that you didn't mind getting wet.  My husband has forbid me to put photos of him on the internet that involve him shirtless.  He hates social media...LOL.   This will probably be more of a review on where we stayed on our honeymoon and what we did in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

Airport Love!

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

Honeymoon Destination, Punta Cana, Sivory, Dominican Republic

We stayed a Sivory in Punta Cana, which is a 4 diamond resort.   It is called a boutique hotel, which from what I gather it means that the hotel accommodates a smaller amount of people.  The resort environment was extremely private with very few people there.   I think the whole time there might have been 10 other couples on the resort total.  

Things I loved about the resort
  • The room was lovely.
  • Room Service was prompt and very courteous - We ordered about 90% of our meals through room service.
  • The beach was private
  • Because the resort accommodates less people premium pool spots were always available
  • The maid was fabulous --- She thoroughly cleaned everyday which is great when you are bringing in a lot of sand.  
  • Pool side service --- in fact, the service was really great all the way around.  The staff really went out of their way to make sure that we were happy.  
  • The Sivory Plan, which is a set price that includes all your meals, room service, and laundry.  The all inclusive plan we got meant that we didn't have to worry about transportation, food, or anything.  We basically just showed up. 
  • The best thing on the menu was the Dominican Flag meal.  It was all traditional Dominican food, which to me tastes similar to Jamaican food.  It was very tasty.  
  • This resort is definitely a place for relaxation.  There is not a lot going on, but eating, spa visits, and sunning.  This is really ideal for honeymooners.  
  • The spa was fabulous!
  • Fully stocked fridge with drinks, wine, & champagne all apart of the Sivory Plan.  
  • Double headed shower and garden tub.

Things that I didn't love
  • The majority of everyone spoke Spanish which made it difficult to please brush up on  your Spanish before going. 
  • Because of the language barrier I could not figure out how to tell the staff to cook my eggs hard.  The whole trip we had runny scrambled made us very unhappy...LOL
  • There was a hole in our couch... not very 4 diamondish.
  • The bed was hard as a rock.  I actually slept on the couch one night.  
  • I think there is a scarcity of ice --- I know I asked for ice a couple of times and didn't get it.  I know all the ice was brought in (probably imported) and not from an ice machine because of filtering issues.
  • The pool lounge chair cushions could be replaced.  
  • Since the entire property (in the tradition of the Caribbean) is open to the outdoor elements I was eaten alive by mosquitoes, which is the reason we ordered room service most of the time.  Night time dining was made impossible by those mosquitoes.  They gave you bug spray, but I got a leg full of bites that proves it didn't work.    You will need to bring some kind of itch relief product. 

We did a couple of the tourist type excursions.  One excursion included driving speed boats, SNUBA diving, and snorkeling.  I would not be telling the truth if I didn't say I had to be coaxed in to that SNUBA.  That look on my face is the look of fear.  I think we were about 25 feet down in the ocean.  The whole underwater breathing thing takes some getting used too.  There would be fish bumping into you and just acting like you weren't there.  The lady who booked our trip wanted me to bring bananas to feed the fish in the water.  I thought to myself, why would I want any fish big or small to associate me with food.  I am a "Do Not Feed the Bears," kind of girl.  Brian really enjoyed all the adventure and I think he he thought my fear was funny.

Our second excursion was exploring the island in Dune Buggies.  I am not really sure why I thought this was a good idea.  I guess I assumed we would be on paved roads....not so much.  This excursion involved bumpy dirt roads and apparently splashing into mud puddles was supposed to be fun.  Brian thought so at least.  I personally was not happy at all.  The excursion stopped at a place where they make cigars and the end of the tour went to a cave with water.  That was the cool part.  The water was about 25 feet deep.  I actually swam in it for about 5 minutes just to say I did it.  Brian was in there acting like it was his second home.  The water was extremely cold and I could only think what was in that water that I couldn't see.  I saw the movie Piranha...I just didn't want anything to bite my leg off. 

You can see the muddiness from the dune buggies, it was so gross.  The beach was beautiful though. 

el gato

The airport in Punta Cana is completely open and outdoors.  So this leaves it open for random animals to come into the airport.  This cat was begging and just roaming around the airport.  For you Dave Chappelle fans all he was missing was a soda.  I wonder if he is violating any security rules at the airport.  


  1. Congrats :) When you can come on over to my blog and give me some wedding tips and tricks! I love your blog!! Hope you and your husband enjoy a wonderful life together!!!

    <3 Erin

  2. Such a beautiful blog post! I'm so happy you guys had a good time. Everything looks peaceful and it looks like you two had a total blast. Congrats again! : )

  3. the pictures make it all look pretty amazing

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  8. Congratulations! I'm super late, but new to your blog :) I took my boyfriend to Punta Cana for his 30th Birthday, we had a blast and luckily we both speak Spanish. My Spanish is pretty good after a few drinks LOL You guys look like you had a blast! Congratulations again!

  9. This is adorable and very funny. Glad you had a good time and congratulations!

  10. Do you recall where you got your shorts to go over your swimsuit? I have the hardest time with that...they're always too low on the rise or too short, etc.
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Jen those shorts are about 10 yrs old lol...try lane bryant...I think they had some cute swim shorts

  11. You guys are too cute! And that resort looks so beautiful, it's almost surreal! I really need a vacation.. Sigh lol