Colorblocking Fun & My Latest Obsession

So I started a new job, so you guys maybe seeing a lot of my work wardrobe show up in OOTD posts.  

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Outfit Logistics
Skirt - JIBRI $110
Necklace - H&M $7
Shoes - ShoeDazzle $40
Belt - Forever 21 $3

So I've had this skirt for probably about 3 years now, but it's a favorite in my closet and I am always pairing it with new tops so I can keep the look of the skirt fresh and new.  It's always a bonus when you have something in your closet that is always stylish, but also rings in on the trend list for latest season.

Plus size blog, TJMaxx, jibri, plus size clothing

My newest obsession is gel nails.  They are fabulous and the colors are so rich.  Gel nails actually combats two issues that I have.  The first issue I am a habitual nail biter.  I have been a nail biter as long as I can remember.  The nature of the fingernail polish is so thick that it prevents me from biting as well as the sheer loveliness of the color.  My second issue is that with a regular manicure I will start to chip in 2-3 days.  I am a clumsy ogre of a person.  I always running into something, dropping stuff, etc.  A person like me always chips their nails.  With the gel nail I can literally keep a fresh looking manicure for up to 3 weeks (my nails grow slowly too).  I have never had long nails before.  The gel manicure has actually allowed me to have nails!  I am so excited.  For those who haven't tried it.  I have paid between $25 to $45 for the manicure.